July 4th Weekend…

It’s now 39 days until Brenda is back and it is a holiday weekend. To close out the week, I should probably blog a little bit about GH but honestly, the show is so boring and dull at this point.

I don’t like how the writers are portaying Sonny. Sonny was never a cut and dry mobster. He was always in the gray area with his heart in the white. Inside, he was always a good guy, who loved his friends and had little in the way of family except for Mike. This Sonny Corinthos is a stranger, I have no idea where he came from. He is a shell of who he once was. It is very sad considering how Claire Labine wrote him to begin with. He had layers, he had friends, he had love for Stone, Robin and mostly, Brenda.  I wish the Labine’s would come back and write for Sonny, Brenda and Robin again.  I’d love to see Ned and Lois again… Maybe even bring back Michael Sutton to be a twin or cousin to Stone. Or, they could have Antonio Sabato Jr. come back as Jagger, with his son, Stone and be there for Robin. Why not give her a choice instead of making Patrick this awful dog?

Oh, well.. Can’t change the status of today’s show, the horror of Patrick cheating on Robin will be gracing my screen shortly and that is a travesty. Sonny is being taunted and angered by his own spawn of a daughter, Kristina. He has now been brought down to the point of planting his very own car bomb. Yes, Sonny, who lost Lippy (Oh, Lilly) and their baby in a car bomb many years ago, is planting a car bomb to blow up Johnny. I can’t even bear to think of how stupid this whole story line is. All because a couple of secrets were kept from Sonny. If everyone told the truth to begin with, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

I hope when Brenda comes back things start to look up for Sonny and Robin. Sonny needs someone who loves him and knows him without judging him constantly. Robin needs her best girlfriend who isn’t out to stab her in the back , who loves her and stands beside her. I hope the fall looks to be better than the summer… I’m sure it will, Brenda Barrett will be back to brighten the dark and violent Port Charles.

Now on to better thoughts and memories:

Enjoy the heat and joy this holiday weekend has in store for you!


One response

  1. Guza scares me. I can love Sonny and Brenda all I want but it comes down to how Guza writes this. He just frightens me with what he thinks are lovable characters and good stories.

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