Car bomb? Cheating? Really?

So, Sonny had a car bomb planted to take out Johnny but almost killed Kristina. WTF? Really? Guza, please. Number one, Bob, don’t rehash old storylines that actually worked the first time around, they never work when you take a second stab at it. Second, get a grip and start writing some nonviolent stories. Please. Incorporate families, friends and weave a tale fit for Claire Labine and her crew of writers. This stuff is just garbage that really is not fit for viewing at 3pm.

Why can’t Sonny be the Sonny we knew and loved all those years ago. He has a heart and a soul… I know this, for I have seen it in the past. He loved Stone and took care of him when he was dying of AIDS. This Sonny is obsessed with revenge…

On the flip side, Jax the Jerx, is still obsessed with Sonny and getting over on him. Sad fact Jerx, is that most of the women you loved have been loved by Sonny, too. Also, the children you love happen to have Sonny as their father. Hahahahahaha.. Loser. Hope you and Carly move far, far away and leave my beautiful SnB together in passion forever. 😉

Another WTF moment yesterday was Patrick cheating on Robin with that Lisa person. I have yet to see any sexual chemistry between Lisa and Patrick, so I don’t get it. Also, why oh why would Patrick cheat, CHEAT on Robin? She is HIV+ first and foremost. AND, Patrick pursued her during her pregnancy. Robin wanted a baby and was willing to raise said baby on her own… She did not need a husband or a father for her child. She has Uncle Mac who would have gladly helped her. Patrick made Robin trust him. Trust that he left his doggie days behind him and that Robin was the only woman for him. I believed him and was happy for Robin. I wanted her to have happiness after her loss of Stone and how things fell apart after Jason. It broke my heart when she came back and she said that she didn’t date or fall in love again in Paris. She deserves happiness and now her heart will be crushed and trust will be broken.

Franco is still a sick individual. He sent roses to Maxie all day and then showed his face to her with more roses. He asked her for help and she declined. Then he told her to tell Jason he said hi. (I think. lol) I am tired of the Jason lovefest.

Guza better fix this mess before Brenda comes back. I hope she recognizes Sonny and kicks Patrick’s ass for what he’s done to her little sister.

BTW… 35 more days!!!!! 🙂


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