A little bit of news for today…

Soapnet is finally stepping up and showing not only 1 but, 2 marathons for Brenda’s return. The first one is about the men in her life and the second one, hold on to your hats, folks….. is about Sonny and Brenda!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!


– Sun. Aug. 15 @ 3-7pm – THE BEST OF BRENDA AND SONNY marathon airs (4 eps GH)

So, so exciting for us SnBers along with Brenda fans all around. I can’t wait to start seeing promo’s and for the new medianet pictures which should start coming out soon, considering TODAY VMG starts taping at GH!! (I still can’t believe that our most wished for wish is coming true!! *twirls*)

Some unhappy news to report.. Ron Hale, (Mike Corbin, Sonny’s dad) is retiring this year. he did not give any specifics on when. I just hope he and VMG share a few scenes before he goes. Mike was always a huge SnB fan. It was always nice how he was in Brenda’s corner.

I’ll be back later to recap the highlights or maybe they are the lowlights of GH this afternoon.. Unless I head to the pool instead. I should probably get all my pool time in now, considering once August 11 comes, I’ll be glued to GH every afternoon at 3pm!!


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