Is it a good idea?

WOW… So much hype..

So many eggs in Vanessa’s basket. While I am all for the promotion of our Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Brenda Barrett, alienating the viewers of AMC and OLTL is not exactly the way to go about it.

I am afraid of the backlash of the supersaturation of Vanessa in the daytime community. I am almost wishing she would have just suddenly appeared like she did the last time she was back in 2002— With no fanfare until after she was back.

ABCD tries and tries almost too hard when they get their hooks into actors and get them to come back. We saw this on AMC when the character of Greenlee was recast with Sabine Singh. Then suddenly, after the viewers warmed up to her, Frons got Rebecca Budig back. They started running commercials about the “Real Greenlee” being back while Sabine was still in the role. It was awful.

This is very different. There was no recast of Brenda Barrett… There would have been a recast but a very vocal fanbase put the kibosh on it as soon as they caught wind of it. Vanessa has done many different projects since 2003.. Las Vegas, The Bannen Way, CSI, Blush, several made for TV movies for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. She brings a vast array of fans with her where many other returns don’t. I am hoping her fans, fans from daytime and primetime follow her back to GH and bring the ratings ABCD are banking on. I hope TPTB’s plan works how they want it to without pissing off everyone else in the process.

I know that our Sonny and Brenda fans will be tuning in, live on ABC, Soapnet at night or thru their DVR’s. Also, there’s the endless supply of clips and Youtube moments that will be watched.

I love these spoilers:

The Friday, August 6, episode of GH finds Sonny, facing estrangement from all his major relationships, reminiscing about Brenda and a past, simpler life that allowed him to love as completely as he did with her. At the end of the episode, Sonny flashes back to the time he helped her lug a heavy suitcase. Then on Monday, August 9, Sonny mistakes Claire for his ex love, and in an futile attempt to get Brenda out of his mind, remembers the first time he told her that he loved her.

Those are courtesy of Soaps in Depth.

I must admit, I am one happy, happy SnBer! (Honestly happy really doesn’t cover it…. There just isn’t a word for how we feel!)


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  1. I totally agree with you. I really hope the return will live up to the hype. Because if not, the blame will fall on Vanessa’s shoulders. And I would hate for that to happen.

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