26 more days!

I love this pic. So sexy!!

I am really very excited.. So excited and not quite grasping the fact that VMG is coming back. I read some spoilers but honestly, I want to remain as spoiler-free as I can. It’s a hard call ’cause I run a board and really need to keep up with things but right now, the surprise in what Sonny and Brenda are going to do, say and the look in their eyes when they see each other… I think it will be magic to see it with fresh eyes and spoiler-free. Then, I will dive deep into the spoiler pool and hope for some moments between Sonny and Brenda that were not spoiled.

13 years. 13 whole years since we have had our SnB. 13 years since an honest to goodness HOT love scene. The day we get our first love scene between SnB will be one crazy day on the internet. Holy Hottness!! We will watch that scene over and over.. Thank goodness we don’t “tape” anymore and dvr now. Those tapes would be given a workout and worn out by that days’ end. hehe

So, now we are just waiting on media pics and any magazine pictures. Maybe this coming week there will be some pictures to share.

One tidbit about Vanessa’s wedding is— She wore a white Armani dress and her wedding was in NYC. (We need a pic!!!) 🙂


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