Quotes about Sonny and Brenda

Quotes About Sonny & Brenda:
In the past, Sonny and Brenda’s affairs of the heart were so heated that they needed only to feel each other’s presence to know that the other was near. The same will hold true this time around. -Soap Opera Update -7/02 on Vanessa’s return to General Hospital after Brenda’s death in ’98  
Why is Brenda Sonny’s true love?-Soap Opera News
Because she fights him and stands up to him -Maurice Benard
Sonny and Brenda are definitely soul mates -Vanessa Marcil
They were a great couple because they were so dysfunctional – and they did love each other greatly -Maurice Benard
“The sheer romantic chemistry between them is irresistible,” Guza says of Sonny and Brenda. “He (Sonny) just cannot fight it. -Soaps In Depth -9/02
“I think Sonny is the love of her life and always will be,” Vanessa chimes in. “I don’t think she will ever love anyone like she loved Sonny. True love is desperate. Brenda and Sonny are like Romeo and Juliet to me. I used to love our scenes (when the characters were together), because we had realistic arguments and realistic fears and we were really loving to each other. We worked through stuff together and we argued; that was healthy. The fact that he lied about what he was involved in was the big problem for them, but I think that lots of great relationships have problems because someone wasn’t honest about something.”  -SOD Apr 97 
“Everyone likes to watch a car wreck. I mean, you’ve got two very dysfunctional people who deep down, truly, deeply love each other but can’t be with each other- but you still want to watch them try. That’s the appeal.” -Maurice Benard
Sonny will always be in love with Brenda -Maurice Benard
“It’s unexplainable sometimes why two people are meant to be together, why they capture each other’s hearts.” -Vanessa Marcil
“When Brenda and Sonny broke up, they became more popular,” marvels Benard. “Its just amazing, the loyalty the fans have.” –SOD 6/98
Tony Geary (Luke):”Sonny & Brenda is the biggest and most talked about pairing since Luke and Laura.”

Tristan Rogers (ex-Robert Scorpio):”The passion and chemistry that Sonny & Brenda have on daytime television is more powerful than anything I’ve seen since the 80s with Luke and Laura.”

Ingo Rademacher (Jax):”They create pure magic on screen. The fans’ fascination with Sonny & Brenda together is bigger than both of their characters and any storyline GH has come up with.”

Michael Logan (TV Guide, 2002):”Sonny & Brenda: Talk about mob hit! Those GH doctors and their ER dilemmas suddenly seemed passe` in 1993 when underworld kingpin Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) showed up in Port Charles and took the town -and audience- by storm. Then he got hit by a little tornado named Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil). These maddeningly complex lovers -he’s a hot headed ill-mannered control freak; she’s a neurotic, disaster prone sexpot with “daddy” issues- were a match made in hell. But they sent us to soap-opera heaven.”


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  1. When i think about SnB i think about romeo and juliet! i always feel like they are so in love and are magic together! There are always obstacles though to keep them apart! My hope is that before GH bites the dust that MONessa will finally be reunited forever!
    SnB Forever!!!

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