Quotes from Maurice about Vanessa


Maurice Bernard Quotes About Vanessa Marcil:
“There was something about working with Vanessa that was intangible – you could just feel it in every scene. There was a kind of energy there. She’s a real fireball and I miss her, but perhaps she’ll return and we can go at each other again.” –SOD
“Vanessa’s sexy, but the truth is, she’s also a nice person. You can be sexy and not be a nice person, and then you’re not sexy to me” Maurice Benard
On Vanessa’s return: Benard knows that even though Marcil has been gone for four years, many fans still want Sonny and Brenda together. “When I go on appearances, you mention Sonny and Brenda and people go crazy,” he relates. “To have her is an added benefit. She’s talented, she’s popular, she’s fun to work with. I haven’t been this excited in years.” SOW 8/02
“Vanessa has become such a wonderful actress. She’s always been a star in her own right, but she’s a wonderful actress and works hard at it. She’s feisty and we’re similar in a lot of ways, especially as far as that’s concerned. So there is always tension between us, and that tension is made for good acting.”
“There’s a lot going on in her eyes.”– SOD
“I’ll miss working with Vanessa because when you’ve got somebody that can do what she does, it makes the work fun. I get along with her. She’s a nice person. I’ve always felt like I was a big brother to her. It’s been a pleasure.” –2/03
“Vanessa and I have always had a connection,” observed Maurice Benard (Sonny), with his leading lady. “It was there for the first scene. It never ended and just kept going and going.” –3/03, SID (Maurice at Vanessa’s going away party)
Maurice on Vanessa winning the Emmy the same night he did: “I told her that I believed that she was going to win,” says Benard, whose words proved to be prophetic. “I truly did believe it. I knew she had the tape and the acting ability. It’s fantastic that she won. It’s well deserved; she busted her ass. When somebody leaves and comes back and is much better, that’s a lot of hard work.” –SOD ’03


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