We need YOU! :)

Hello S&Bers,

After many years of hopes, wishes, and prayers Vanessa Marcil is finally coming home. Sonny and Brenda fans have been one of the strongest support bases for Maurice Bernard and Vanessa Marcil throughout the years and we want to continue to show them our support.

With your help we are planning to send Vanessa a welcome home gift. We will be sending a scrapbook filled with letters, postcards, art designs, etc…and a huge bouquet of balloons on August. 11th. Please PM us on the board, any Admin or Mod or leave me a message for VMG here and I will get it to Chels. It doesn’t need to be anything more than just a note welcoming her back unless you want to really send a letter or some artwork. It is really up to you. We do need these to be to us by July 30.

We want her to know that we are excited she has returned to General Hospital to recreate the unforgettable Brenda Barrett. (This is not just an SnB campaign, this is for all Brenda fans out there.)

If you would like to participate and show that there are still VM, MB, and S&B fans out there please send all of your letters, art work, postcards to me or any admin/moderator via pm by July 30th. We also have a paypal account where you can donate money for the balloon bouquet. The deadline to donate for the balloons will be August 4th. (As I have bolded above, this is not just for SnBers, this is for Brenda Fans, Vanessa Fans…)

Please see the instructions below for the paypal donations and please pm me for my address if you have something you would like to send in. We are not looking for anyone to break the bank, maybe if you could only spare a couple of dollars, it would be appreciated by us and by VMG. Let’s try our best to make her homecoming special.

Please let your friends know, especially if they are interested in VMG, Brenda Barrett, SnB and/or GH. 🙂

Thank you for your support!


S&B Admin & Moderator Team

Paypal Instructions
Go to http://www.paypal.com
Click on Send Money Online
Type in nessiefiore@hotmail.com in the To Address:
Type in your personal email in the From Address:
Enter amount of donation
Click on the Personal tab and select gift
Continue until submitted


2 responses

  1. Message for Vanessa:

    I am so happy that Brenda is back in Port Charles! She is definitely one of my favorite characters, and I’ve missed seeing her cause some drama. I’m more than a little ready to learn what she’s been up to while away. I can NOT wait to see her relationships from the past revisited (my personal favorites being Sonny and Robin) and new relationships (meeting Sonny’s kids and possibly becoming friends with her “little sister’s” friend Elizabeth) formed. Welcome home, Vanessa! You were definitely missed.

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