When Brenda met Jax

I understand the lure Brenda had to Jax. He gave her safety and treated her like a princess.. She loved him but, im my opinion, was not in love with him, at least not with the same type of  heat and fire that she had with Sonny.

When Ingo signed on to GH, he was hired to come between Lois and Ned. It then became knowledge that Rena Sofer was pregnant and was leaving the show. So, the writers decided they should test him with Vanessa and see how that went. Obviously, they liked what they saw.

I am a die-hard Sonny and Brenda fan but, I appreciate what Jax did for myBrenda after he found her standing in the rain under the lamppost that awful night. Sonny left Brenda after telling her about Lily and the baby Then, when Brenda told him to make this worth it (their break-up), it broke my SnB heart. Then, Jax came out of nowhere and scooped her up. He rescued her from the harsh rain and reality of losing Sonny. Whisked her off to a yaht to be married after a card game. Lily was getting into Sonny’s car… As she did, it exploded… It was then, at that moment, when we heard the CLINK/BOOM heard all ’round the Sonny/Brenda/Jax world. To create the triangle to end all other triangles.

What a ride we had back then with the push and pull between the 3 of them. I wouldn’t trade a second of those times for anything. 🙂


One response

  1. I was relieved when Jax entered the picture. I love S&B with all my heart but let’s be honest. No one wanted to see Brenda be sad 24/7. While, Sonny was with LeeLee. Plus, I think J&B added more layers to Brenda, as a character. It truly was a fantastic triangle.

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