Their first time

**THUD** I swear in HD they melted my computer screen. So hot, so sexy… I remember how much I wanted to be Brenda at that time… Hell… I still want to be Brenda!

That was a love scene… Not like today’s porn, oh, I mean love scenes that Guza puts together with weird lights, angles and music. I can only hope that Guza does justice to Sonny and Brenda when they have their first time redux.

Loves it! <3<3

Clip courtesy of ABC.


4 responses

  1. I love the high def. I saw this again in a whole new light. Even though I’ve watched the clip countless times I saw stuff I had never seen before. Like at the end when she has her leg tucked underneath his. I never noticed it before.

  2. Her hair bugs me in this. I can’t remember, is this after she cut it and they made her wear those stupid hair extensions until the hair cutting scene??

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