A Wacky Wedding….

Brenda and Jason’s wedding was for comical relief only in my book. It was clear to me why Jason and Brenda did it, got married that is, it was a means to an end. It was so they didn’t have to testify against each other and so Jason could keep Brenda away from Sonny for Carly. (Then known as Chicken due to Carly’s constant flailing arms. hehe!) Both Brenda and Jason worked well together as two people who had much dislike for each other but respected where the other was coming from and how Sonny felt about each of them. By the end of Brenda’s run, they had come to a tentative friendship. It will be interesting to see their relationship now. But, FYI to Guza—- It is NOT a romantic relationship at all!! Not ever has it been romantic!

I always loved Brenda’s connection with the Quartermaine’s. And to see Lila? Oh my goodness… How the Q’s are missed as a family!

Courtney, however is not missed at all… She was just a major suck-fest within herself. Good riddance to that character!


One response

  1. Love the Vegas Wedding. The look on Jason’s face is too funny.

    Totally agree with you on Courtney. Hate with a passion. So, glad that monkey virus got her. LOL!!

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