Sonny and Brenda: Snowstorm

Brenda saves Sonny… I think that no matter what the storyline is for SnB this time, Brenda will be saving Sonny once again. Why, you ask? Well, if you look at the past 10 years of the show, 10 years of trying to pair Sonny, make him into a bad-ass mobster, father of the year, craptacular father— It’s all back fired. None of his pairings really worked.. Ok, so there was a huge S&C fanbase… we call them Scummers but I digress…. S&C got together because hate-sex resulted in a pregnancy. The pregnancy was lost but S&C stayed together. Then Sarah Joy Brown left the show and was replaced by Tamara Braun. I suppose Tamara and Maurice had chemistry, people liked them and we at the SnB board thought she looked like a chicken, failing arms, squawking about Sonny being her “husband.” Ew. Awful stuff… Than VM came back in 2002– The magical chemistry between MB and VM was still there and we would have had SnB then if TPTB and VM had come to terms on her contract.

Now, however, TPTB have tried everything with Sonny during this time Vanessa/Brenda has been gone. Nothing worked and all they succeeded to do is make Sonny appear to be a cartoon of himself. Enter Brenda…

The character of Brenda will swoop in with a fresh, exciting story. She will cause Sonny to remember the past, remember a time when it was easy to love and when things were a lot less complicated. She loved him without conditions. All Brenda wanted was the truth and once she knew the truth, she was able to accept it. They accepted each other because they loved each other from deep within their souls and that love will save Sonny. The character of Sonny is going to start being redeemed in the next couple of weeks. We will see a spark, fire and passion that we thought was long forgotten. He will work on himself to make his life, personal life which is in shambles, btw, to be better because he wants that life with Brenda. The life he left at the altar years and years ago. Sonny wants Brenda back.

They are the story, after all this time, we will have our Sonny and Brenda story. <3<3

The patient fanbase did prevail.


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