One of the absolute BEST montages Guza has ever done. Hands down.. It also kick started the triangle to end all triangles.. Sonny/Brenda/Jax. The three of them worked together like magic and honestly, all I wanted was for Brenda to be happy. I wanted my SnB of course, but after all the crappola with Sonny and LeeeeeLeeeee, it was time for Brenda to have something happy to hold on to. It was also time for Sonny to fight for the love of his life.

For SnBer’s, this montage was the scene that made us cheer. We never saw any redeeming qualities in Lilly what-so-ever. The character sucked and sucked up to Sonny every chance she got. She had no fire, no spark and certainly no flame. She was a wet noodle who latched on to Sonny and made her daddy get Sonny to marry her. She was a bitch and Sonny just never saw that. I always hated how the writers made her into a saint that Sonny remembers. Uh, no. She was not a saint, sha manipulated Sonny and her father every chance she got.


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