July 30 smorgasbord…

I think I may dabble a bit in the spoiler world. I get my information from the usual areas on the ‘net but maybe it would be nice if weekly I just combine what I find and put it here. From time to time, I may add my own commentary.

Just so you are aware, these will only be rumors or spoilers that apply to Sonny and Brenda, individually and them with others.

Here we go!

Sonny tells Claire of his history with Brenda. Both Sonny and Brenda are consumed by thoughts of each other.

 Brenda places a call to Port Charles, to Robin.

8/12 Brenda faces threats from the Russian Mob

Also, Brenda and Robin discuss old times and catch up on the present. No date was released for this.

 8/20 Sonny and Johnny have a showdown and shots are fired. Brenda is approached to be the face of Franco’s next art masterpiece. Will Dante fall for Brook’s story?

SoClair & S&B
Claire tries different ways to get Sonny out of the mob and one is to blackmail him with info she has found (Aug 3).
While Claire and Sonny grow close he cannot shake his feelings for Brenda and mistakes Claire for Brenda during a flashback he has of the time he helped Brenda with her luggage.
Sonny tries to pursue Claire but continues to think of Brenda.
Sonny is at the end of his rope with his family, estranged from him, and again he thinks of easier times (the 90’s mainly with Brenda).
Sonny opens a box filled with articles on Brenda and all the good work she has done.
Claire helps bring Brenda into town.
Franco is alive and has a new muse…Brenda (Aug 2).
Brenda and Sonny have a phone conversation (Aug 16).
Brenda also calls Robin.
Brenda is being stalked and has the russian mob after her (Aug 12).
Brenda has a new job as a member of the A.S.E.C. (Alliance to Save Exploited Children) (Aug 12).


Brenda puts on a brave face for the press and refuses to lay low despite dangerous threats from the Russian mob. She remains passionately committed to A.S.E.C. (Alliance to Save Exploited Children) and seeks to use her fame to gain exposure for the cause.

Wednesday, August 11:

Vanessa Marcil returns in the role of Brenda Barrett. Sonny continues to wear down Claire’s defenses while Claire wonders if Sonny has ever truly given his entire heart to a woman. After Claire leaves, Sonny’s thoughts drift to Brenda.

Friday August 13th:

Sonny confides in Mike that he can’t stop thinking about Brenda. In Rome, Brenda becomes haunted by thoughts of her past with Sonny before she is whisked away for an exciting night with international movie star Murphy Sinclair. Sonny decides to test Claire’s loyalty.Johnny focuses on wiping out Sonny for good

Sonny receives a mysterious call from Brenda. Unfortunately, Claire answers his phone and Brenda hangs up.

Jax also receives a call and is worried about Brenda. Carly presents Jax with an ultimatum. When that does not work, Carly runs to Jason.
Carly begs Jason to go save Brenda in order to save her marriage to Jax.

Sonny looks through his box of Brenda, along with clippings of her career through the years.
These spoilers/rumors came from SI, GHH, and Sami’s spoiler page. If you wish to discuss these tidbits, please visit: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Sonny_and_Brenda/index.php?showtopic=3582


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