Rumors and Spoilers 8/29

SI Spoilers:

A few tidbits…Brenda tells Sonny to go back to Port Charles and turn himself in for the sake of his children.

Sonny and Claire hit the sheets.

Michael overreacts after accidentally walking in on a half naked Lulu.

Johnny and Olivia are close to reconciling but the topic of Sonny puts them back at odds.

Jason offers Brenda his protection.

Interpol offers Lucky an undercover job because of his resemblance to Balkan’s assassin Ronan O’Reilly.

Suzanne asks Jason to come to Rome and Sam feels insecure about Brenda.

Jax tries to convince Carly that his relationship with Brenda is in the past.

Not sure who the source is for these but I found them on SZ:

Dante testifies at Sonny’s bond hearing that he is not a flight risk.Claire warns Sonny against skipping out on his bail.

Claire is sure she has Sonny right where she wants him…until he disappears.

With the walls closing in, Sonny decides his best bet is to skip town and head for Rome. Maurice says, “In prison, he’ll die. He’ll be killed, no doubt. If he could go away, he thinks it’ll be better for everyone!”.

Sonny arrives in Rome.

Murphy calls off his engagement with Brenda.

Michael comforts Kristina after learning that Sonny has taken off.

Dante tries to help out his siblings.

Michael tells Jax he wants to drop out of school.

Michael responds inappropriately when Kristina’s female peer attempts to flirt with him.

Brenda is about to walk into a deadly trap.


Brena learns she is being actively pursued by a notorious crime lord ,”The Balkan.”

Brenda resists a warning from Interpol to head to the U.S. for her own protection.

Agent Bates has a few questions for Brenda.

Balkan’s henchmen approach Brenda.

This fall, Alexis and Mac continue their flirtation and deal with their kids’ issues.

Carly’s vendetta against Dante and Lulu blows sky high in the coming months.

Lulu is prompted to investigate her Spencer side.

What will happen when Olivia finds out what Carly’s been up to with Dante?

To no one’s surprise, Brenda misses the intense passion of the love she had with Sonny and…
Sonny still loves Brenda.
         Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! ❤

Michael will eventually talk about what happened in prison.

Both Kristina and Michael will struggle with their separate intimacy issues.

Michael has an odd reaction to seeing Lulu partially unclothed.

It looks like Claire has her way with Sonny, or vice versa, in bed.

Interpol offers Lucky an undercover job because of his resemblance to Balkan’s assassin Ronan O’Reilly.

Suzanne asks Jason to come to Rome.

Brenda urges Sonny return home and turn himself in for the sake of his children.

Jax tries to convince Carly that his relationship with Brenda is in the past.

Later this fall, Sonny and Johnny will need to work together when they discover that they have a much bigger, nastier, fish to fry than each other.

We promised we wouldn’t tell, was the first clue that will eventually lead to the revelation of Dante’s hidden, painful past.

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**Week of Sept 13th, Jason becomes Brenda’s bodyguard… but she’s not happy about it!

**Lucky is offered and undercover assignment thru interpol because he looks like a Russian killer.

**Michael doesn’t want to return to High School

**Suzanne tells Brenda she should go back to Port Charles for protection

**Carly tries to seduce Jax…will it work?

**Emma’s fave toy ends up boiling in a beaker.

**At the club, Krissy’s friend starts flirting with an uncomfortable Michael

**Dante swears Sonny’s not a flight risk. (whoops)

**Carly tells Jax to go find Brenda before Sonny can

**Patrick is surprised when Lisa shows up in his surgery rotation

**Robin and Nikolas talk about his letting Liz go

**Sonny makes plans to flee to Rome

**Agent Buckley questions Brenda

**Lulu realizes Carly’s been lying

**Johnny wakes up, and Olivia wants him to tell the truth about the shooting.

**Brooke Lyn is broke and homeless…Nikolas to the rescue!

**Russian thugs surprise Brenda

**Claire is sure she has Sonny right where she wants him…until he disappears.

**After Lisa’s plan to destroy Robin builds after she’s hit by her car.

Spoiler Round-up 8/26

From general hospital criticallist

Some of these are new, some repeated.

Balkan has some words for Brenda
*Interpol wants Lucky! He is needed undercover, he looks like Balkans assistant Ronan.
*Michael tries to make Jax and Dante see that Sonny is telling the truth

*Sonny can’t reach Jason.
*Jason and Sam hole up in a cabin.
*There is a shootout, and the cabin catches fire.
*Lucky comes upon Json and Sam in the woods.
*Sonny feels he is being railroaded, and takes off for Rome.
*Michael and Kristina are angry that Sonny left without a word..
*Lisa draws Matt into her psycho-drama.
*Lisa hears that Robin threw Patrick out and develops a plan.
*Lisa sees Robin leaving to talk to Patrick and throws herself in the cars path.
*Lisa gives a statement to police that Robin tried to kill her.
*Patrick runs over to aid Lisa when she is on the ground..
*Jason and Claire have a talk about Sonny.
*The truth about  what happened between Sonny and Johnny comes out.
*Jason tries to warn Carly that she will only hurt herself with her obsession to hurt Dante.
*Sonny saves Brenda from some thugs..
*Brenda asks Sonny to go back and do the right thing.
*Druggings, video, and kids..the bad guys are really bad. Brenda has a secret she doesn’t remember.

*Jason becomes Brenda’s bodyguard.
*Patrick and Robin must join together to stop Lisa.
*Brook tells Lulu she is done chasing Dante. Lulu is skeptical.
*The Russian Mob is really nasty. They will endanger many people.
*Johnny and Sonny realize the threat is to big to taken alone, and join forces.
*Dante’s secret has to do with abuse, and a pact made years before.
*Lt. Poletti is not the person many believed him to be..
*Michael is uncomfortable with all the talk about sexual abuse.
*Dante decides to prove his love to Lulu by wooing her!
*Sonny had nothing at all to do with Poletti’s murder.
*Lisa makes Robin look looney and psychotic.
*Matt believes Lisa..
*Maxie is uncomfortable when Spin falls for Brenda.
*Lulu and Dante will face an obstacle from his past.
*Lucky tells Ethan he wishes his life had more freedom and excitement.
*After some nefarious dealings, and mismanagement, Kate is ousted from Crimson.
*Jax needs a new editor..He turns to Brenda.
*Kate leaves in October.
*Sonny begs Dante to find the truth about Johnny.
*Olivia hears Johnny lie to Claire about the gun.
*Michael decides he is finished with school..
*Sonny takes off for Rome while he is out on bail.

*Lisa makes a disturbing statement to Patrick. She offers to help raise Emma if Robin is out of the picture.
*Sonny saves Brenda from an attempted kidnapping.
*Nik asks Alexis to help him “refine” Brook.
*Brook becomes Nik’s arm candy for some business deals.
*Johnny asks Lucky to be his bodyguard.
*Brook admits the truth to Nik about what happened.
*Lulu feels that Nik is disloyal by helping Brook.
*Johnny pulls through, cheered on by Olivia.
*Johnny likes the idea that two women want him..Brook and Olivia.
*Johnny will play games with both.
*Dante feels betrayed when Sonny goes to Italy.
*Michael tells Lulu everything Carly has been up to..
*Dante and Lulu will have their love put to a serious test.
*Carly can’t stand the idea that Jax wants to run to help Brenda.
*Carly tries to seduce Jax.
*Kristina’s friends flirt with Michael..
*He reacts like a scalded cat.
*Tracy misses Luke
*Lucky goes undercover in the mob wars..
*He comes across a young lady who knows him as someone else!
*She has feelings for him, and he for her. 
*A new Russian mobster will come to town looking to hurt Brenda.
 *Jax tries to keep Sonny and Brenda apart.

*Lopez Brothers+Russian Mob=Child Porn
*Matt and Patrick become roomies after Robin issues eviction to her cheating hubby.
*Suzanne tells Brenda to go to Port Charles.
*Claire warns Sonny to stay put..
*Spinelli realizes he may be in over his head with Carly, and rethinks his role.
*Sam wants Brenda safe and secure right away, so she won’t be around Jason.
*Sonny gets involved in Brenda’s charity.
*Lulu and Dante’s reconciliation is thwarted by Brook. She insists to Lulu that Dante wanted her.
*Brook tells Lulu she will no longer pursue Dante
*Lulu is skeptical..
*Nik hears Liz talk about her mistakes, and how Wyndemere represents them.
*Nik arranges for Liz and the boys to visit her sister, to get some distance and perspective.
*Jason reassures Sam that he loves her.*Jason becomes Brenda’s protector
*Lisa decides to remove Robin from the equation by painting her as a psycho.
*The stress of what Patrick and Lisa did overwhelms Robin.
*Robin tells Lisa to stay away from Emma or she will kill her…
*There will be a murder mystery this fall..just in time for sweeps.
*Lisa goes too far. She will be stopped with extreme prejudice.
*The question will be, Whodunnit?
*Michael asks Carly to stop her vendetta. She refuses.
*Michael warns Lulu about his mother.
*Does Lulu FINALLY put the pieces together? She confronts Carly..
*Carly is proud of what she has done. She has no regrets.
*Lisa tells Lucky that Robin is unhinged and tried to kill her.

*Brenda is holding on to a secret that she doesn’t even know she has.
*She used to be involved with a russian mobster and now he wants her dead.
*The mob will be everywhere. They all tie together.
*The Zacchara’s, Lopez family, the Russians and Sonny..a war is brewing.
*Brook tries to scam cash from Edward. Tracy stops her.
*Nik offers his help to the displaced Brook.
*Sonny wants to get away..from everything.
*Spin finds Brenda enchanting!
*Lisa frames Robin for an accident.
*Robin tells Patrick to get out…
*Jason saves Sam..

*Lucky has questions for Ethan and Johnny.
*Lisa finds her locker covered in blood..she did it herself..
*Maxie wants Lucky to investigate Lisa’s past..
*Maxie spills to Robin about Lisa in her home.
*Patrick finally tells Robin about his ONS with Lisa.
*Robin’s first instinct is to drop him like a bad habit.
*Maxie tells Robin to suck the chill pickle and think it through..
*Patrick begs Robin to forgive him. Reality sinks in..
*Kristina hovers outside the ICU after Johnny’s surgery.
*K blames Sonny.
*Spin continues helping Carly frame Dante..
*Emma goes missing again..Patrick and Robin come together to defeat the horned one (Lisa).
*Dante believes Sonny’s story.

*Sam sneaks into the Lopez compound to find evidence of Jason’s innocence.
*Sam is in serious danger.
*Carly’s scheme crashes and Brook is out of luck.
*Patrick doesn’t realize how far Lisa is willing to go.
*Lisa sneaks Emma out of the house for an afternoon of “fun”.
*Lisa wants Robin out of the way of her happiness.
*Carly says she only wants to protect her children from Sonny.
*Carly is lying to herself. She is angry that Jax doesn’t trust her.
*Claire tells Johnny that there isn’t enough evidence to arrest Sonny.
*Johnny vs. Sonny..gunshots fired..
*In the fall..Lucky will discover he has a son..but will it be too late to be a family?
*Maxie and Lucky kiss again.
*Lucky confides he wanted the  baby to be his..
*Nik finds something to occupy him while Liz is away at Sarah’s.
*Kristina’s 18th birthday is a fresh new hell.
*There is a mob war brewing.
*Sam and Jason make love..
*Franco’s new obsession? Brenda
*Carly and Brenda are oil and water..lots of snark and bickering.
*Brenda is in trouble, and needs help..
*Carly’s plan doesn’t work, and blows up in her face.
*Melinda Bauer blames Kristina for Warrens death, as well as Kiefers.
*Sonny has been keeping tabs on Brenda from afar.
*Patrick realizes he must tell Robin the truth about his night with Lisa.
*Liz needs to get away, and goes to stay with her sister Sarah.
*Franco leaves a little something with Suzanne…
*Lucky finds a body..
*Whats up with Michael and his temper? He is losing it..
*Jason learns that Michael still has the idea to take over Sonny’s business. He tries to talk to him.
*Michael tells Kristina that he wants to take over the mob when Sonny retires.
*Brenda shows up just when Robin needs a friend the most..
*Carly has high hopes for her and Jax..then in waltzes Brenda!
*Dante feels that Ronnie is not being honest..
*Steve has to lie to Robin about Patrick..
*Carly gets very insecure over Brenda..
*Claire’s plan to seduce Sonny doesn’t go exactly as planned…
*Lisa becomes unstable.
*Zoe comes to Port Charles in late August.
*Michael meets her at GH, while doing community service.
*A child advocate comes to town on Brenda’s heels.
*Her name? Suzanne Stanwyck (Adrienne Barbeau).
*There will be a new doctor in town soon.
*A killing leaves Port Charles stunned.
*Michael will be the instrument that brings Sonny and Dante together.
*Patrick and Robin must work together to stop the threat.
*The Scorpio/Drake marriage has a mine field to cross to save it.
*Brenda will renew her friendship with Robin.
*The long term plan is for Sonny and Brenda to reignite their love..
*Liz loses the trust fund that Jason set up for the boys..
*Carly gets a wake up call when her family is on the line.
*Robin and Patrick will work through his cheating.
*Carly is shocked to see Brenda..
*Sam is insecure over Brenda.
*Jax is thrilled to see Brenda.
*Sonny hits rock bottom.


In my wanderings yesterday, I found some pics to share.  I found them over on FB in the official GH page. Some of these I’ve never seen before, some are old favorites. Thanks to all those who have collected and shared over the years. 🙂

Comeback Kid

The returns to General Hospital are amazing right now. First and foremost, we have our most fervent wish with Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo coming back as our beloved Brenda.

Now, we have our beloved Stone Cates, Robin’s first love and soulmate coming back for 2 days in September. I wonder if TPTB will be trying to work on a longer stint for Michael Sutton to reprise his role as Stone or maybe another character… Especially if the chemistry between Kimberly and Michael is still there. It coud be amazing for ratings if we could have at least those two couples back… Next we need Lois and Ned to come back and I swear, this SnBer will be the happiest she has been in years about this show.

Now, if I hear that Wendy Riche and Claire Labine come back, I will probably fall off my perch here at the counter and cry happy tears.

I have a couple of things to say about Brenda’s return.

1) EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2) She is like a breath of fresh air on a stale show.

3) I wish they would speed things along a little– mostly because I want my Sonny and Brenda. 😛

4) The promise of the show right now is very powerful. With SnB, Stone coming back (short 2 day stint).. It seems like TPTB are reaching into the root bin for a touch of history to add some richness and heart back in once again. Heart and soul have been missing for such a long time.

 Let’s hope TPTB do something with the momentum they have going right now. I hope they do a great job, I hope we get what we want.

I also want to mention that we will be kicking off a new campaign very soon. I will post the details here in my blog and create a page for it. I hope you will all be interested in joining us in our new venture… I will soon have details to share with you all about our last campaign to welcome Brenda/VMG back.