Lot’s of goodness to talk about!

I know I have a couple of clips to catch up with.. Things were a little crazy yesterday!

First off, Vani, Melissa and Gina are involved in the creation of official website for Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and are working with a long time friend of Vanessa on this project. They launched the site yesterday with behind the scenes images, tidbits of info, a Twitter page to announce updates to the site and a Youtube page. It is really a wonderful site which will be jam packed with information, great personal pictures and Vanessa has been involved with the creative process going into the creation of the site.

You can get the link to the site on my front page along with the Twitter link. You can also go here http://vanessaconnection.com/ and check it out, too.

We were gifted with the release of SID yesterday. MBTVnews Twitpic’ed a pic of the new cover and I read part of the article but there are no real scans as of yet. When I have them, I will post them in the gallery along with the article.

Our third gift of the day or maybe 4th if you count the Brenda moment, would be the amazing promo pics that came out of ABC Medianet. Holy Hotness Batman!!

I love how happy they both look and honestly… Has “Sonny” looked this happy at all in the past 13 years? I think not.

I love this one of just Vanessa:

I am so, so excited for next Wednesday!! I am a little bummed that Brenda won’t be in Port Charles until the beginning of September, though.

Today’s clip is Brenda’s wedding to Jax and how it was interrupted by Sonny and Miranda.

Sonny leaves Brenda at the altar

Of course, this one kills me so I chose not to watch it. The rain, the looks on her face, the guests’ faces, Jason’s face when he tells her and Sonny’s face when he is sitting in the limo.

Have a great day, peeps and don’t forget to watch The View today at 11am on ABC. Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo will be a guest today!


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