The Wire

One of the absolute hardest scenes to watch. It was AWFUL the very first time I watched it. I had owned a video store at the time and used to watch daily with my friend, Mary. We used to talk on the phone while watching the show together.. Anyway, this time was just so sad and unexpected— because this was a time with no true spoilers. The anguish I felt at the end of the scene, when Brenda is a crumpled heap in the corner is how I felt, sitting on my stool, behind my counter. I felt her pain in the core of my being. Of course I knew she had no plan on turning Sonny in, she only wanted the truth about his activities and Sonny… Gosh, I felt his pain, too. He trusted Brenda and wanted to believe she would never do anything like that… I sobbed like a baby and couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed! Between that scene and when Sonny left her at the altar, I am not sure which was worse for me. Gosh, they are both up there at my worst SnB moments…. But, in angst, heart wrenching, passionate and amazing preformances that help define SnB, those two are some of the best MB and VM have ever put out there in the world of soaps. Very soapy and very amazing.


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