August 11, 2010


Today is the day! The day Brenda Barrett waltzes back into our hearts and our television screens almost everyday for now on at 3pm EST. This has been a long 7 years and most of us SnBers/Brenda lovers have spent the last 63 days or so wishing their summer away so this day would come.

Yesterday I watched ABCD’s Brenda marathon. I have a few thoughts about the episodes. First and foremost… It has been so, so long since GH has gone by so fast, second, to see what I have watched as clips up on my new 42″ flat screen tv is a true gift (everyone looked amazing), third, I miss all the old characters… even ones I hated… I miss the history, the legacy, the ensamble cast… Brenda’s wedding to Jax was wonderful (not their marriage plan)— To see that many characters in one room, at the Quartermaine Mansion was to die for. It was a huge gift to see beloved characters once again. The characters who were missed in that eppy were Lois and Robin. They should have been there and they should have been there for Brenda at her wedding to Sonny.

It’s pretty ironic that Brenda not only does not have any blood family at any of her weddings but neither of her best friends. How sad and how telling.

Episode #2 was a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end. I try to avoid the wire scene like the plague– not for any other reason but I bawl like a baby and sit and sob for my babies for a long time. It breaks my heart on so many levels… Then the scenes after the wire? When Sonny calls her a whore.. it just kills me. You can see the pain and anger both of them have when it comes to each other. Then to see the proposals, LUMD, a young Jason, how leaving Brenda at the altar hurt Sonny as we watched tears form and let go from his eyes. The anguish that Brenda had from being left yet again… It was raining, you know. Raining that night when she was left at the altar by Sonny.. Why is it he always leaves her standing in the rain? I suppose the rain is just all of us, all of our hearts breaking and the tears we cry for them. Hard episode to watch but lovely and wonderful at the same time.

The last episode was Brenda and Jason’s wedding. Good eppy since it was light hearted and that was needed after the emotionally heavy last episode. I don’t have much to say here about the Vegas wedding eppy. I did however need bleach for my eyes when Scum had sex in the limo around the lake. ICK! Then to see Courtney? Jeesh… what a waste of space and breath.

Today we welcome back Brenda. Our message board sent a couple of things in to Vanessa to welcome her back today. I hope she loves what we did and I hope she is having a good time being back on the GH set. I know we have missed her and are so happy she is back. I hope she stays for longer than a year.

Happy Brenda’s Back day to everyone!!


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