Some spoilers for the weekend. :)

From SOC:

Sept 3rd: S&B might come face to face

Sonny is determined to help Brenda

It’s always been one particular brunette for a certain mobster?

Brenda will be apart of Michael’s storyline. A touchy subject will be discussed

Claire is jealous of Brenda

Kristina is curious about Brenda

Brenda refuses to stop her crusade

Sonny wants Brenda to set up shop with him

Jason saves Brenda

Sam & Brenda enchange words

Jason will be involved in Brenda’s storyline. Through Sam?

Jason tells Michael to move on

Michael lashes out – at someone unexpected

Carly confronts Sonny (regarding Brenda)

Monday August 16:
Although not together, Sonny and Brenda both remember when he proposed to her.
These are from SOC and said to be from SI…

– Suzanne continues to urge Brenda to go back to Port Charles on the 2nd. So she’s still in Rome at that point.

Lulu is floored after Carly’s confession on the 31’st, while Dante learns of his father’s betrayal.

8/23 Sonny claims he shot Johnny is self-defense.
Brenda isn’t interested in being the centerpiece of Franco’s next work.
Jax tries to get Claire to see the light (regarding Sonny).

8/27 Kristina stands vigil outside of the ICU after Johnny’s surgery.
Brenda must consider Sinclair’s proposal.
Dante believes Sonny’s story.
Sonny considers jumping bail.

Friday, August 27
*Dante believes Sonny’s story.
*Sonny considers jumping bail.
*Brenda must consider Sinclair’s marriage proposal.

Jax warns Claire about Sonny’s history.

Brenda considers Murphy’s marriage proposal

Friday Aug 27- Dante tells Sonny that he believes his story. As Diane berates Sonny for trusting Claire Walsh, Sonny flashes back to the time he discovered Brenda wearing a wire. Brenda reminisces about the time Sonny and she first made love. Brenda accepts Murphy’s marriage proposal, and they make plans to return to Rome.

*I am not sure who to give credit to for some spoilers.

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