Comeback Kid

The returns to General Hospital are amazing right now. First and foremost, we have our most fervent wish with Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo coming back as our beloved Brenda.

Now, we have our beloved Stone Cates, Robin’s first love and soulmate coming back for 2 days in September. I wonder if TPTB will be trying to work on a longer stint for Michael Sutton to reprise his role as Stone or maybe another character… Especially if the chemistry between Kimberly and Michael is still there. It coud be amazing for ratings if we could have at least those two couples back… Next we need Lois and Ned to come back and I swear, this SnBer will be the happiest she has been in years about this show.

Now, if I hear that Wendy Riche and Claire Labine come back, I will probably fall off my perch here at the counter and cry happy tears.

I have a couple of things to say about Brenda’s return.

1) EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2) She is like a breath of fresh air on a stale show.

3) I wish they would speed things along a little– mostly because I want my Sonny and Brenda. 😛

4) The promise of the show right now is very powerful. With SnB, Stone coming back (short 2 day stint).. It seems like TPTB are reaching into the root bin for a touch of history to add some richness and heart back in once again. Heart and soul have been missing for such a long time.

 Let’s hope TPTB do something with the momentum they have going right now. I hope they do a great job, I hope we get what we want.

I also want to mention that we will be kicking off a new campaign very soon. I will post the details here in my blog and create a page for it. I hope you will all be interested in joining us in our new venture… I will soon have details to share with you all about our last campaign to welcome Brenda/VMG back.


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