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The day after the FLOOD…

Today is the day after the UMD. It was the day Brenda was in the midst her breakdown in the bridal suite of the Port Charles Hotel. We sunk into her depression along with her, feeling her anger and her sorrow. She had every right to feel what she felt that day. Gosh, she went from LUD, which was the highest of highs to now, her lowest of lows. The lows sent her back to Jax, the one who always put a bandaid on things and made them better for Brenda for the time being.

I understood why Jax was important to Brenda and I get why she loved him. There’s one thing, though… He, Jax, was ALWAYS her second choice. Brenda fully loved the man she was with and she would remain faithful. She would have spent a somewhat happy life with Jax but inside, she would long for the all consuming passion and excitement she had with Sonny and wonder how things would have been if they married on that day.

Sonny and Brenda have been through it all. They’ve been star-crossed lovers, torn apart by circumstance, have had others come between them, suffered deep heartache because of their actions and have been separated by “death.”

They are the epitome of a Supercouple. They have that “it” factor that makes them unique. The belong together, they deserve the chance to get things right between them. They are both “alive” and they are both free to love one another again. It has been written in the stars and we have been a part of their path back together again.

We need to remain diligent and keep flooding our emails in. We’ve had our voices heard before with the “No Recast” campaign, but this time is different. We have our original Brenda back, the one and only Brenda, that is, she is back and the time is right for all roads on their ride to lead back to each other… Their “home.” The more we speak out, the more our voices come together, the better the chance will be for us to get our hearts’ desire.  If we don’t, that second choice may become the choice taken.

Keep flooding those emails in, keep up the good work in our quest for Sonny and Brenda.

TPTB addresses again:

ABC/GH Email Addresses
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The Official Umd Flood Day Post!, It’s been 13 years & here we are…

Except this UMD, we’re not just doing this rainyday.gif

Time to flooooooooooooood!!!!

Link to original flood day post: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Sonny_and_Brenda/index.php?showtopic=4134

In this blog post, you can find TPTB contact info (which, BTW, is always pinned at the top of  the Sonny and Brenda section of the forum) and also, I wanted to have an open topic for support. hug.gif Post anything you want! Get support from people who actually understand you, and if you want to, feel free to share the emails you’re sending. I’m going to send some UMD centered ones, but I’ll mostly just acknowledge it in others so I can show them what my overall focus is all about: finally getting S&B again!

Show your SUPPORT, S&Bers!!

I know we have some new people, so if anyone needs any ideas this would be a good guide: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Sonny_and_Brenda/index.php?showtopic=4138
…I LOVE that post AND the replies! flowers.gif

Obviously not everyone can hang out here all day (including me), but this is for ALL of September 19th… Everyone has a little window today to put in that fighting time for S&B! I’ll be here throughout the day (about to go back to sleep for a bit, so not much in the morning!) sending emails and hanging out with people that don’t think I’m a freak for being a little lipquiver.gif and cry.gif today. Amazingly enough though, for once I’m not completely devastated on a UMD anniversary… this is the first that I’m actually excited! Because we finally have a chance. S&B has a real chance. We need to remind TPTB of what we can’t forget. Of what they obviously shouldn’t forget: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Sonny_and_Brenda/index.php?showtopic=4141&st=0

Let’s also give the SID poll a little bit of special attention. It’s been a month and VMG/S&B haven’t been on yet, and take a look at the lastest question: http://abc.soapsindepth.com/talkback/readerspoll/#

Soooo let’s get FLOOOODING!!!

ABC/GH Email Addresses
* Brian.Frons@email.disney.com
* brian.frons@abc.com (Head of ABC Daytime)
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* SODopinion@aol.com (Soap Opera Digest – “My Opinion,” Carolyn Hinsey)
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Robert Iger@disney.com

*Once again, all of these can be found with all other info at: TPTB Info

I’ve sent out my first round… have you????

S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png

~~~~Written by,  Sara~~~~

Ok, SnBer’s! This is our time to shine! Get your emails in and FLOOD TPTB with love for Sonny and Brenda! 🙂

Ratings for last week are in!!

The ratings are UP! The credit from ABC goes to our Sonny and Brenda seeing each other again! Hooray!!

ABC is Daytime’s No. 1 Network Among Women 18-49

The Week That Star-Crossed Lovers Sonny (Maurice Benard) and

Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) See Each for the First Time in Years, “General Hospital” is the Week’s No. 1 Daytime Program in Women 18-34

This Week Stands as “General Hospital’s” Most-Watched Week

in 7 Months in Women 18-49 and in 5 Months Among Total Viewers

“One Life to Live” Hits an 8-Week High in Total Viewers and

Women 18-49, and a 6-Week High in Women 18-34

“General Hospital,” “The View” and “One Life to Live” Stand Among

the Week’s Top 3 Daytime Programs Among Women 18-49

ABC Daytime

ABC ranked as daytime’s No. 1 network among Women 18-49 (1.1 rating/757,000 – tie).
The week that star-crossed lovers Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) met, “General Hospital” was Daytime’s No. 1 program for the week among Women 18-34 (1.0 rating/342,000 – tie).
This week stood as “General Hospital’s” most-watched week in 7 months among Women 18-49 (966,000 – since week of 2/15/10), in 5 months in Total Viewers (2.74 million – since week of 4/5/10) and in nearly 2 months in Women 18-34 (342,000 – since week of 7/19/10).
“One Life to Live” posted an 8-week high in Total Viewers (2.46 million) and Women 18-49 (714,000) – since week of 7/5/10 –, and a 6-week high among Women 18-34 (236,000) – since week of 7/19/10.
In Women 18-49, “General Hospital” (No. 2 – 1.5 rating/966,000), “The View” (No. 3T – 1.1 rating/748,000) and “One Life to Live” (No. 3T – 1.1 rating/714,000) placed among the week’s Top 3 programs.

In Women 18-34, ABC held 3 of the week’s Top 5 Daytime programs: “General Hospital” (No. 1T – 1.0 rating/342,000), “One Life to Live” (No. 5T – 0.7 rating/236,000) and “The View” (No. 5T – 0.7 rating/225,000).

Following are the Daytime Lineup averages, plus Top 5 Programs Ranks – Week of September 6, 2010:

Daytime Rank: Total Viewers Women 18-49 (Rtg/000s)

No. 1 CBS 3.58 million No. 1T ABC 1.1/757,000

No. 2 ABC 2.74 million No. 1T NBC 1.1/706,000

No. 3 NBC 2.49 million No. 1T CBS 1.1/702,000

Top 5 Daytime Programs in Women 18-49 (rank based on rating)

Program Net Rtg/000s

The Young & the Restless CBS 1.7/1.11 million

General Hospital ABC 1.5/966,000

The View ABC 1.1/748,000

One Life to Live ABC 1.1/714,000

The Bold and the Beautiful CBS 1.1/711,000

Days of Our Lives NBC 1.1/706,000

Let’s hope TPTB really take notice and move things along a bit. We need both SnB in Port Charles and now! 🙂

Keep up watching and keep emailing. xo

UMD Flood!

As many of you know, the anniversary of “The Unmarried Day” is September 19th. 13 years ago this Sunday it was finally the day that Sonny and Brenda would get married. Only things didn’t go as planned. Well, we all know how it went.

Actually, it’s pretty impossible to forget. Sonny had given his mother’s ring to the woman who was “born to be Mrs. Corinthos.” Their wedding day came and Brenda was at St. Timothy’s Church waiting for her groom to arrive. When the time came for the wedding to begin, he still wasn’t there, but she knew he would be any minute. We watched as Brenda, with a blinding belief in their love and stars in her eyes, walked herself down the aisle and stood at the altar. The doors opened, and with a knowing nod and the kind of smile someone has when one of their dreams is finallycoming true, she turned around to meet Sonny’s eyes.

But that never happened. Instead Jason stood there, and we watched Brenda go through a progression of pain. First, we saw her fear at the thought that something may have happened to Sonny. When Jason said he was fine, there was some relief until he insisted Sonny wasn’t coming. Brenda turned back around. She remained silent and still, as if she was trying to go back to that moment of total happiness before she heard the doors open.

People started leaving, and once it was Brenda and Jason alone together, she asked him what would come next. She started to think it was a plan that Sonny couldn’t tell her about to throw everyone off, but Jason wouldn’t budge. She even thought that maybe it wasn’t safe enough for her to leave and she’d join Sonny later. She wanted to go and sit in front of the penthouse until Sonny came home for an explanation. But Jason told her she’d wait forever. Sonny was gone and he wasn’t coming back.

Brenda started to get angry… nothing made sense. She demanded he tell her exactly what Sonny told him to tell her… “exactly.” Because maybe Jason didn’t know everything this time. Maybe Sonny was trying to pass a message to her through Jason that only she would be able to understand.

“He told me to tell you it was a great ride.”

When reality set in, so did devastation. Her new reality, being left at the altar by the love her life on their wedding day, eventually drove her insane.

As we all know, Brenda wasn’t the only one in pain. Dressed in his tux, Brenda’s groom was as ready as she was to get married until he started to think about what it would cost her. He didn’t want to be responsible for Brenda’s death resulting from a life on the run with him. Whether actual death or the death of “everything he loved about her,” he couldn’t do it. He wanted to save her life, so in a way that was incomprehensible to everyone else, he tried to set her free. He loved her so much that he traded their castle in the air for a life of misery. Sonny lost his happily ever after, too.

When Brenda opened the doors to the church and saw the rain, we watched as she realized that like many years before, the rain was pouring down as Sonny broke her heart.

“He always leaves me standing in the rain.”

But only we could see that Sonny was there in the rain, too. He stood in the distance so he could see his soulmate one last time. As final as that moment was for him, he didn’t actually break until after that. I think Sonny broke when Jason returned Brenda’s diamond bracelet that he had given her at the beginning of the love story that still, after almost two decades, no one can forget.

The writers have tried to change history. They’ve tried to reinvent a first love for Sonny with Kate, used a vintage Sonny and Brenda song with Sonny and Carly… they even used our church! It was the ultimate slap in the face to have Sonny enthusiastically wait at the altar of St. Timothy’s Church for a woman that was not Brenda, but no matter how anyone tries to sabatoge it–TPTB, haters, Sonny and Brenda themselves…

Nothing can touch their connection. That is why we don’t stop believing.

It’s amazing to be approaching another anniversary of the UMD and not have only memories of their past to relive, but to actually have a real chance of an S&B future to fight for, which brings me to the “the flood.” This UMD, we’re not going to focus on their unhappily ever after. That’s SO last year (and the year before, and before, and before…). S&Bers, we’re going to fight for a happily ever after for our couple that’s finally within reach… we’re going to flood the freaking crap out of TPTB!

This Sunday we all need to be heard–no one is going to forget or just pretend to participate in the UMD flood–everyone needs to be involved! We need to multiply our daily effort by 91204812394820 and fill up TPTB’s inboxes so that our message is pretty clear on Monday morning! Channel you’re love for S&B, the anger over the latest SID, the geneal nervousness you have that Guza is going to eff us over again, anything… After all of the waiting and false hope, there is finally a fighting chance. And just like Sonny and Brenda, we know how to fight. S&Bers are survivors! fight.gif


heartbeat.gif heartbeat.gif
Soooo, what are we doing this Sunday?????????????????? S%26BAlways.png

(A huge thank you to my friend, Sara, who wrote this up last night for the board. I could not match this little piece of passion… no matter how hard I tried. xoxo)

Sonny and Brenda Hit or Miss?

Our Sara wrote a beautiful response to SID’s Hit or Miss poll about Sonny and Brenda’s reunion. Suha, wrote an equally powerful and beautiful post… I couldn’t have said it better myself so, I didn’t try. I just kept it simple.

The reunion was AMAZING.

I haven’t been that captivated by a scene on General Hospital in 8 years since the Amazing Grace montage. Did you see Sonny’s eyes when he saw her standing there? She took his breath away. And he approached, unsure of what reaction he would get when she turned around… Sonny never even got to say her name, because Brenda already knew he was there. It was written all over her face and then… BOOM. Vanessa and Maurice=MAGIC. Then she smiled, and you saw relief on his face. She was happy to see him too. And all of the emotions they’ve been fighting came to surface… And it was beautiful.

Sonny and Brenda never ended up hurting each other so badly because they were mismatched. Sonny & Carly were mismatched. Sonny and Brenda are soulmates…To each other they were exactly what they didn’t know they always needed.

Before they fell in love, this power over another person was unknown to them. Power in general isn’t that complicated– it’s always misused when it’s new to someone. Whether in the context of love or not, that’s just how it works. Loving someone THAT much was scary for both of them…so sometimes they misused it. If you’re biggest fear is losing someone, wouldn’t you rather be the one that is lost first? The difference Sonny and Brenda experienced with each other vs when they were with anyone else is a lot like the difference between when you smile because you can’t help it and when you smile just because it’s appropriate.

Now, after 7 years, they know what it feels like to be without that love. And as scary as it was, living their lives without having those highs & lows has left them both empty. Yes, the lows were definitely low. But as human beings we feel more alive when we are in pain than when we feel nothing. But no matter how alive you feel after the pain, at some point we all do try to avoid what has hurt us the most.

Which leads to one question: How much pain are you really saving yourself from when you spend your life unfulfilled? This is the story of Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett. There is intense passion inside of them each individually, not just them together. That’s one of the things that’s so amazing about Sonny and Brenda. They didn’t become totally different people when they were with one another. They were the same people magnified. Their mutual love lit up our screens and their differences defined angst. Watching them made ME feel alive.

But wait… It’s “poison.” Just tell me this: why, after seven years, would this be happening? The memories, the longing, the almost-contact? And finally… a reunion?

Sonny and Brenda are both at that point in their lives where they feel like they should at least try to be grounded. Sonny, for his kids… Brenda, for ASEC and for the sake of trying to pretend her way into oblivion with Murphy….

There is something in the way, though. They just aren’t where they expected to be by this point. Sonny tried to save Brenda’s life but she’s in danger anyway… They can’t forget the dreams they formed during the best time in both of their lives. You know, when they actually felt alive.

“I don’t want you to save me. I want you to be with me.”

Brenda said this to Sonny long before he left her on their wedding day. The day he ended up breaking his own heart and Brenda’s because he wanted to give her “love, and a life without fear.”

And now she has neither.

As much as Brenda drove him crazy, he was determined to keep her the way she was, even if she didn’t realize it. He didn’t want their marriage (had it happened) and life on the run to “destroy everything” he “loved about her.” Sometimes you don’t realize it when you’re misusing power, and the reason for that is fear. You don’t realize that even the most intense love and need to protect someone doesn’t give you the right to choose the ending you think is best, no matter how selfless your intentions are.

Fate is fate.

Sonny even told Brenda they were “inevitable.” As long as they were alive, it was going to happen between them.

Fate doesn’t only exist in hindsight.

Out of sight obviously doesn’t always mean out of mind.

The connection they share runs much deeper than even they understand, and you can only ignore something like that for so long. Since it’s something they could never control, they call it “poisonous” and “toxic.” Not only is it beyond understanding, but their connection runs deeper than any drug… right into their souls.

Which comes full circle to one fact: they’re soulmates. ♥

Well to me I think the writers have gone back to layered, slow buildup, old-fashioned soap writing when it comes to S&B. The S&B story is an example of why romance worked and lured millions of people to tune into soaps. You have 2 characters with an incredible amount of history that you cannot make up (like with Olivia and Kate) and there’s plenty of video evidence of this love story on Youtube. Their story is one that always captivated, no matter the situation. Case in point – when Brenda returned the first time and she was speaking to “someone” through a vent. The sparks they had between a wall and a vent is more spark than any couple on GH has had in the last decade. I BELIEVE when Sonny says Brenda is his true love because the writers and the actors have been showing me this since 1994. With all the violence and “insta-romances” that soaps have been stuffing down our throats it is incredibly refreshing to see a BONAFIDE POWERHOUSE SUPERCOUPLE such as S&B get such a simple, yet beautiful reunion. We already had the grand EPIC seeing-each-other-for-the-first-time scenes when she returned in 2002 so I do not feel slighted in the least. I cannot wait to see this EPIC couple SET THE WORLD ON FIRE again 🙂 It’s definitely the only reason I am back to watching GH!


Please take a few moments of time and vote in poll. Sonny and Brenda’s reunion is not a miss, it is a hit that has hit all the right notes. TPTB have taken their time and have been very deliberate. This reunion has been amazing!



September 3, the day SnB came face to face

Yesterday… Yesterday we all gathered by our TV’s and our computer’s in hopes our beloved Sonny and Brenda would see each other in the beginning of General Hospital. But, we were foiled by Murphy and the most amazing SnBer, Sophia.

We were treated to the history of Sonny and Brenda told by Sonny himself. He spoke about Stone, and we all had tears in our eyes. The glory days! The days of love and angst, friendships and adventure and the amazing passion and chemistry of all the players involved. As Sonny told his, their story, you could see the emotion in his eyes. It not only came from Sonny’s heart, but Maurice Benard’s as well. That was a very good time in his career and it has cemented his place in daytime history. Sophia encouraged Sonny to find Brenda and told him he should be with his true love.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Murphy were having an epic blow-out about how she wasn’t the woman to sit on the couch and watch her life go by. She wants to live and she wants to be happy. But, in true Brenda fashion, she is not happy, she is not fulfilled, nor content. She is miserable down to her core. No matter what had happened between Sonny and herself, she loves him and needs him with every fiber of her being. Murphy walked out on Brenda and Brenda ran out after him. Into an elevator she went. Comedy ensued during the beginning of a gorgeous song for SnB. There was a couple and their big St. Bernard were in the elevator with Brenda. Brenda had a hard time getting out of the elevator, tripping and climbing over the dog. So cute!

As Brenda was overcoming her obstacles in the elevator, Sonny’s precious magazine with Brenda in it was scooped up by another patron from the restaurant. Sonny politely asked for it back. You could see how attached he was to that magazine and how important it was for him to have that piece of Brenda with him.

Then it happened, Brenda stepped out of the elevator in hopes to find that drab and boring Murphy.

Then she turned around and we had it. Our bliss and their bliss of seeing each other again.

I can’t wait for Tuesday. I simply cannot wait to hear them speak with each other and see that amazing sparkle both their eyes get when they are gazing at each other. It is a look only reserved for them, Sonny and Brenda.