Sonny and Brenda 9/2/10

It was pointed out to me that we had to wait 24 days in order for Sonny and Brenda to see each other. The fact is, however, it’s been 7 long years since they were in the same room and 13 years since they were together. While the last 24 days and 67 days before that happened to be long, agonizing days, we- the SnBers- knew from images and some spoilers (if some wanted to be spoiler whores and find out the scoop!), we would have our babies back together in an adventure soon.

Now, we’ve kicked off September in high gear with yesterday’s episode. We got to see Carly lose her mind over the prospect of Sonny running off to find Brenda. Jason had to break the news to our favorite skanky-witch. Claiming that Brenda has hurt him so, she’s crazy and they are crazy together, Carls also said that Brenda was just “Sonny’s favorite toy” and wailed about Sonny leaving the kids. How dare he finally skip bail and town– something Carly has encouraged him to do in the past– after he shot Dante? She is just a jealous, bitter skank who needs to back off or explode into a million pieces… Which ever happens, I’m ok with either.

Then we have Carly telling Jax and he can’t believe how Sonny and Brenda could find their way back together after everything Sonny has done to her. Ok, so that was just a nutshell statement not actual words. But, let’s go back in time, shall we? 7 years ago, Jax and Brenda were together. Sonny and Brenda had a moment on the docks, they had patched up their relationship as far as they could. Sonny was with Carly and they had a family. It was almost like when Sonny left Brenda in the rain after telling her about Leelee and the baby. “Be a good father, Sonny. Make this worth it.” They kissed for the last time and Carly, the banshee, saw the kiss and ran to tell Jax what she saw. Which in turn, caused Jax to allow Brenda to meet him at the altar, in front of everyone, hear part of the sermon and when it became Jax’s turn to say “I do”, he said, “I don’t.” He humiliated her in front of everyone. He dumped her at the altar. Then at Jason’s he tried to pay her off to leave and never come back. He is an ass and should keep his sanctimonious mouth shut. He doesn’t deserve Brenda.

Brenda had a phone call that made her happy and excited. She ran down to the garden restaurant and at that same time, Sonny sat down with his magazine with pictures of Brenda in it. He dropped his magazine and Brenda turned… Did she see him? I am not sure, it faded to black…

Our ride has just begun, the so called friends of Sonny have started with their “We hate SnB” dance. Sonny and Brenda are not strangers to adversity and opposition. They have that natural chemistry, that passion, understanding and ease in their love. Theirs is a love story that is beginning once again and this SnBer is so happy to hop on their wild and crazy ride once again.



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