September 3, the day SnB came face to face

Yesterday… Yesterday we all gathered by our TV’s and our computer’s in hopes our beloved Sonny and Brenda would see each other in the beginning of General Hospital. But, we were foiled by Murphy and the most amazing SnBer, Sophia.

We were treated to the history of Sonny and Brenda told by Sonny himself. He spoke about Stone, and we all had tears in our eyes. The glory days! The days of love and angst, friendships and adventure and the amazing passion and chemistry of all the players involved. As Sonny told his, their story, you could see the emotion in his eyes. It not only came from Sonny’s heart, but Maurice Benard’s as well. That was a very good time in his career and it has cemented his place in daytime history. Sophia encouraged Sonny to find Brenda and told him he should be with his true love.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Murphy were having an epic blow-out about how she wasn’t the woman to sit on the couch and watch her life go by. She wants to live and she wants to be happy. But, in true Brenda fashion, she is not happy, she is not fulfilled, nor content. She is miserable down to her core. No matter what had happened between Sonny and herself, she loves him and needs him with every fiber of her being. Murphy walked out on Brenda and Brenda ran out after him. Into an elevator she went. Comedy ensued during the beginning of a gorgeous song for SnB. There was a couple and their big St. Bernard were in the elevator with Brenda. Brenda had a hard time getting out of the elevator, tripping and climbing over the dog. So cute!

As Brenda was overcoming her obstacles in the elevator, Sonny’s precious magazine with Brenda in it was scooped up by another patron from the restaurant. Sonny politely asked for it back. You could see how attached he was to that magazine and how important it was for him to have that piece of Brenda with him.

Then it happened, Brenda stepped out of the elevator in hopes to find that drab and boring Murphy.

Then she turned around and we had it. Our bliss and their bliss of seeing each other again.

I can’t wait for Tuesday. I simply cannot wait to hear them speak with each other and see that amazing sparkle both their eyes get when they are gazing at each other. It is a look only reserved for them, Sonny and Brenda.


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