The Official Umd Flood Day Post!, It’s been 13 years & here we are…

Except this UMD, we’re not just doing this rainyday.gif

Time to flooooooooooooood!!!!

Link to original flood day post:

In this blog post, you can find TPTB contact info (which, BTW, is always pinned at the top of  the Sonny and Brenda section of the forum) and also, I wanted to have an open topic for support. hug.gif Post anything you want! Get support from people who actually understand you, and if you want to, feel free to share the emails you’re sending. I’m going to send some UMD centered ones, but I’ll mostly just acknowledge it in others so I can show them what my overall focus is all about: finally getting S&B again!

Show your SUPPORT, S&Bers!!

I know we have some new people, so if anyone needs any ideas this would be a good guide:
…I LOVE that post AND the replies! flowers.gif

Obviously not everyone can hang out here all day (including me), but this is for ALL of September 19th… Everyone has a little window today to put in that fighting time for S&B! I’ll be here throughout the day (about to go back to sleep for a bit, so not much in the morning!) sending emails and hanging out with people that don’t think I’m a freak for being a little lipquiver.gif and cry.gif today. Amazingly enough though, for once I’m not completely devastated on a UMD anniversary… this is the first that I’m actually excited! Because we finally have a chance. S&B has a real chance. We need to remind TPTB of what we can’t forget. Of what they obviously shouldn’t forget:

Let’s also give the SID poll a little bit of special attention. It’s been a month and VMG/S&B haven’t been on yet, and take a look at the lastest question:

Soooo let’s get FLOOOODING!!!

ABC/GH Email Addresses
* (Head of ABC Daytime)

* (Soap Opera Digest – “My Opinion,” Carolyn Hinsey)
* (Soap Opera Digest – “Sound Off!”)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soaps In Depth – ABC issue)
* In Depth – ABC issue “Speak Out!”)


*Once again, all of these can be found with all other info at: TPTB Info

I’ve sent out my first round… have you????

S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png S%26BAlways.png

~~~~Written by,  Sara~~~~

Ok, SnBer’s! This is our time to shine! Get your emails in and FLOOD TPTB with love for Sonny and Brenda! 🙂


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