The day after the FLOOD…

Today is the day after the UMD. It was the day Brenda was in the midst her breakdown in the bridal suite of the Port Charles Hotel. We sunk into her depression along with her, feeling her anger and her sorrow. She had every right to feel what she felt that day. Gosh, she went from LUD, which was the highest of highs to now, her lowest of lows. The lows sent her back to Jax, the one who always put a bandaid on things and made them better for Brenda for the time being.

I understood why Jax was important to Brenda and I get why she loved him. There’s one thing, though… He, Jax, was ALWAYS her second choice. Brenda fully loved the man she was with and she would remain faithful. She would have spent a somewhat happy life with Jax but inside, she would long for the all consuming passion and excitement she had with Sonny and wonder how things would have been if they married on that day.

Sonny and Brenda have been through it all. They’ve been star-crossed lovers, torn apart by circumstance, have had others come between them, suffered deep heartache because of their actions and have been separated by “death.”

They are the epitome of a Supercouple. They have that “it” factor that makes them unique. The belong together, they deserve the chance to get things right between them. They are both “alive” and they are both free to love one another again. It has been written in the stars and we have been a part of their path back together again.

We need to remain diligent and keep flooding our emails in. We’ve had our voices heard before with the “No Recast” campaign, but this time is different. We have our original Brenda back, the one and only Brenda, that is, she is back and the time is right for all roads on their ride to lead back to each other… Their “home.” The more we speak out, the more our voices come together, the better the chance will be for us to get our hearts’ desire.  If we don’t, that second choice may become the choice taken.

Keep flooding those emails in, keep up the good work in our quest for Sonny and Brenda.

TPTB addresses again:

ABC/GH Email Addresses
* (Head of ABC Daytime)

* (Soap Opera Digest – “My Opinion,” Carolyn Hinsey)
* (Soap Opera Digest – “Sound Off!”)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soaps In Depth – ABC issue)
* In Depth – ABC issue “Speak Out!”)


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