Thoughts on Oct.4th’s show and Brenda’s return so far..

I am finishing up with doing my hair, which is a project in itself and thinking about yesterday’s show. I know, so exciting… lol

First, I’ll fill you in on what I liked….

LOVED that the whole show, Sonny and Brenda had scenes together with only the interruption from Diane. It was a cute scene with Diane feeding her fashion obsession and it was worked in beautifully. I loved all the Sonny and Brenda angst happened to be mostly from Brenda’s point of view. I loved how Sonny never even had Claire cross his mind as he pursued Brenda and put his cards out on the table about wanting Brenda back. I loved the almost kiss and the heat between them as they got closer in the last 3.2 seconds of the show.

Now on to what I didn’t care for and it also includes Brenda’s return ’til now…

The scenes yesterday were entirely too short and too much of a rehash of the last 2 months of what Brenda has been saying to everyone else and now finally to Sonny, himself. It should have come about a month or less into her return. Brenda should have been in Port Charles sooner in my opinion. She should have been back and back in a bigger, stronger, less victimly (Yes, I made that word up. lol) way. She should have come back maybe taking over Crimson in a power play or in an event supporting her charity. Maybe she could have come back in a great relationship (NOT with Murphy, I found her relationship to be weak and one-sided at best), maybe with Jagger (I know, he’s just eye candy BUT there is a history there that would have been a wealth of future storylines and could have tied into Robin and the ghostly Stone)  or with a really hot Italian guy. I’d love to see our girl be a strong equal to both Sonny and Jax, not the girl put on the pedestal who needs constant saving all those years ago. It’s fine that she is vulnerable, she should be  after the life she’s led, but she should have drawn a strength from that past that has brought her past some of this fear.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t have fear because she should. The story that Guza dropped her in is causing her to have fear from everything that comes in her path. He should have picked one, either fear from an outside force or her fear of heartbreak. Not both. It makes her seem weak and in constant peril… I’m just not liking it but I am having hope that after sweeps, she finds her footing and gets that spunk and confidence back.

Sonny… Sonny at least seems to have gotten his mojo back and past the issues with his kids… for now. Let’s see what havoc Claire brings to Sonny’s life. I just hope this does not add to any more insecurity and pain to Brenda’s life. She doesn’t need it, she needs to regain what was lost all those years ago, when she was left standing at the altar, in the rain.

We the viewers and Sonny and Brenda need a cleansing rain and they need to get thru and past the pain from the past that they inflicted upon each other.

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  1. So glad you wrote this! Guza is killing me and the rest of us with Brenda being insecure and fragile. Does Guza not know the history of Brenda Barrett? I sometimes wonder why he is in his position for this long. He needs to go back and watch some old Sonny and Brenda scenes to understand them. I am a big Brenda & Sonny fan and I am praying Guza either snaps out of it or gets fired. I feel the show is so depressing and not a lot of passion, mystery, love and adventure. He needs too or tptb bring someone like Claire Labine back as a head writer and take this show to new heights before people get very bored and lose more fans. Do tptb not see this?

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