October 5, 2010

Yesterday’s Gh was sublime. :sigh:

I fell in love with Sonny and Brenda all over again. I loved the near-kisses and how the dance will begin again! I felt giddy each time they got close and LOVED how every time they got close to each other, Sonny just had to touch her… Hold hands, fingers intertwined together, touching of Brenda’s face and hair. WOW. That intense chemistry is still there, just bubbling at the surface. It will be AMAZING once Brenda gets through her fear and goes with her heart.

They were hot together and you could feel how much they wanted to be together. Poor Brenda has so much baggage! I thought with all the nonsense, Carly, kids and bed-warmers Sonny has had, he would be the one with baggage, but alas… It’s Brenda carrying the weight.

Loved this scene with Diane:

I am *glad* Sonny and Brenda did not kiss yesterday. Why? Because I believe they need to work their way back together and work out some kinks. No matter how we feel, how *I* feel SnB should be back together right now, they just can’t. Brenda needs to be safe, feel safe and gather her strength once again. Sonny needs to clean up his act and be the man he needs to be to be with Brenda. He is on the right track by breaking things off with Claire, too bad she’ll be going psycho, though. hehe… Anyway, SnB have some work to do, but as long as I get scenes here and there like the ones of the past few days, this SnB fan will be good to go. I’m here for the ride, ups, downs and sideways… No matter what, it will be a fantastic ride.

Sonny and Brenda, Always and Forever.



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