Have you all seen this AWESOME vid JJ found on YouTube yesterday?

It’s so awesome, I made it our board’s video of the month. I love how the maker of the vid used all new scenes, ones from the past week and the song is perfect! I am really quite excited to see all the new art and videos each day now since everyone has new material to work with. 🙂

I’d love to see a vid using the song “Home Again.” It is a beautiful song the show used last month when Sonny and Brenda came face to face once again.

I’m hoping we have some new medianet pics soon, I know sweeps are coming but you’d think tptb would release something for us. How can my talented friends make new art without new pics? lol I know, they don’t care much about us and our needs! Honestly, I am so thankful that we have NEW pictures and scenes to work with at this point. It’s such a dream come true!!

Stop by the board and on Twitter to say “hi.” and Also, have you been by our Facebook page?

I will be updating the quotes page later on and maybe morphing it into a transcripts type area. Not sure yet, so stay tuned!

Gotta run, my baby needs me!



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