It’s a Birthday Party!!

When? October 15

For who? Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo

How can we wish her a happy birthday, you ask??
Friday, October 15 is Vanessa’s birthday! I’d love to get everyone to participate in Tweeting @vanessamarcilg or leaving a message on GH’s FB page…generalhospital.

If you do not Tweet and would like to send a tweet, I will do so for you. Please leave a short note, 140 characters or less and I will take care of it for you and sign your name. Please leave the message here: in the Vanessa’s birthday thread. Or, if you must, leave it here and I’ll post it to Twitter for you.

If we can do both, send a tweet and leave a message on the FB page it would be great. It would work as good feedback for VMG.

This is a nice thing for us to do and I think we should all make an effort to participate.

One other thing, we have a campaign going on the board also which we need help with. We are sending both VM and MB scrapbooks/notebooks and a huge basket for the holidays. We need letters for each of them and some pretty artwork.  You can pm me on the board and I’ll pass them along to the right person handling the projects.

Let’s make this an amazing birthday for Vanessa! Show her some love and let’s have a great time celebrating our girls’ day!!



8 responses

  1. Vanessa Happy Birthday !!! I am soo glad that you are back and Sonny and You are making it’s way to each other’s arms !!!! I love that your taking it slow and protecting your heart, because when you both decide to get together like Maurice said it will be fireworks !!!!

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