Collecting Birthday Wishes!

Tomorrow, October 15 is Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s birthday and we are collecting Birthday Wishes for her! There are several ways you can wish her a happy day.

#1: You may Tweet her @vanessamarcilg and send your Happy Birthday that way.

#2: You can post them on the Official GH Facebook page for her:!/generalhospital

#3 Leave a message in the Happy Birthday Vanessa thread I start on the board tonight. (

#4 You can leave me a message here, in the blog today and tomorrow.

If you leave messages here or on the message board, I will gather them and  pass along your Birthday Wishes.

Let’s make Vanessa’s birthday special and fun! I bet she’d love to hear from her fans and it would make her special day very sweet and wonderful! 


One response

  1. Wishing Vanessa a very happy birthday and a happy and healthy year ahead! You light up the screen in each and every scene. God bless!

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