Starting November Sweeps……

I know, it’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been traveling on and off since mid-September with my family…. So, here I am, on a Sunday morning with a few thoughts about the show, rumors/spoilers and the newest promo:

Rumors are running rampant about Brenda and Dante once being in love and maybe having a baby together.

My thoughts on that happen to be:      Dante had a huge crush on Brenda and she genuinely liked him and felt safe around him. 4 days of him guarding her is not long enough for her to fall in love with him, IMHO. I don’t believe they were ever “In Love.” I think Dante was just very taken with the beautiful and vulnerable model and it left a huge impression on him, especially after all they went through with covering up the murder.

I refuse to allow myself to get worked up over a possible past romance between Brenda and Dante. No matter how much Guza may hint of that ickyness, I still don’t believe it. BUT, if he DOES go THERE…. We have seen this in the past with Sonny/Alexis/Sam. He had babies with both of them. Obviously only one survived but he did sleep with them both and had children with them.

Which now brings me to the baby speculations….

Possible fathers to the baby are as follow:

Alexander (The Balkan’s deceased son): Very good possibility they were together for a time and had a child.

Dante: 4 days, a murder and cover-up don’t exactly make for the most romantic time. Also, if Brenda and Dante did have sex and conceived a child, how in the world did she find out in those 4 days????

Now, these speculations would age the child but would tie the child back to Port Charles and to powerful people there. The child would be 6 or 7 at this point and would be a prime target for child trafficking.

Jax: Sure, Jax and Brenda had sex several times once they got back together. But, did she conceive a child? Would this further her or even his story? I suppose with Jax it would… but honestly, I like how his first child is with Cujo. They belong together. haha

Sonny: There has been long and hard speculation and major fanfic stories that have spun out from the docks kiss in 2003.

My take on this and would be a fairly easy rewrite…

Sonny and Brenda were kissing on the docks and things got hot and heavy. They found themselves at their old apartment over Luke’s and made love before parting ways for the last time, vowing never to be together again but would always love each other. A few months later, while in Europe, Brenda discovered she was pregnant. Brenda was happy to have a child and a piece of Sonny with her. She made the baby the center of her life until she got involved with Alexander. He was quite taken with her and when he found out the true identity of the baby, he became fixated on taking the child for nefarious purposes. Brenda stumbled upon his plan and sent the child into hiding or for adoption for protection.

Unknown father to us: Brenda could have been in love with someone else in Europe and had a child with him. Completely plausible but highly unlikely because Guza is not creative enough to actually give Brenda a romantic back story with someone we don’t know. It could have been a handsome, honest man who loved Brenda with his whole heart. They could have been engaged and expecting their baby when tragedy occurred, and the man died. Brenda could have been alone and beside herself once again and due to her depression, lost the child. Or the child could have been born and Alexander could have come along…

Ultimately, no matter who Brenda had a baby with, we all know Sonny would do anything to protect Brenda and her offspring. Only time will tell if the baby survived or not, is with relatives, an adoptive family or was kidnapped. What we do know is this: If a baby IS out there, either 2-3 years old or 6-7 years old, Sonny will help Brenda bring the baby home…. No matter what.

The next thing I’d like to touch upon is the status of Sonny and Brenda.

No, they are not together and it is irritating for some out there on the net. For some, they are enjoying the ride and savoring every moment Sonny and Brenda have a scene together. Some are just savoring having Brenda back, no matter how long, short or whom she is with.

My take is this and I am partially spoiler free….

I believe all this is bringing Sonny and Brenda back together. After all this time apart, they just couldn’t fall back in bed and a relationship together… I want the ride and the angst.. I want them to work to be together and have this time be for keeps because they really and truly WANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER this time. Would I like TPTB to cut the crap and have more scenes with SnB, maybe kissing and flirting a bit—- You Betcha! I think they wasted too much time in Rome and too many wasted scenes with others since Brenda has been back. Ratings are showing that people are frustrated with the telling of the story. To be honest, IMO, it really isn’t the story per-se, it’s how LONG it is taking for it to be told. GH wastes too much time in its story telling. They need to move things along and keep people interested AND they need to include the canvas, entwine stories and invest the viewers in the whole thing, not just one or two characters.

Brenda should be involved with Robin’s story. She should have heard about the fire and run to the hospital, or maybe had been there for Emma’s party! WTF????? Not just the other way around!! I call it fragmented storytelling. Brenda should have seen Luke sometime, too… Not to mention MIKE! Please. Guza can’t write his way out of a paper bag.

This is what I can’t wait for and it’s in a week or so when we get this:

I’m off to deal with my kiddos, but before I take off…

Keep the faith, don’t freak out over so called spoilers and rumors. Some things never come to fruition and also never pan out in the end. We will have our Sonny and Brenda and we need to be patient. We helped make Vanessa’s return happen. We have been loyal and faithful for 7, almost 8 long years. If the ratings sink further and the feedback is not good, Vanessa most likely will not resign come September. Remember to keep emailing, sending your postcards in. Most important, please watch the show, even when it makes you ill. We have all come together because of the show and a lot of us have made long lasting friendships because of it. If the show gets canceled, we will lose a huge part of our lives and honestly, it would be an awfully sad day for many, many people.

Be positive and let’s keep the faith and hope for the future… You never know what unspoiled scene may pop up…. ❤



6 responses

  1. I like some of your points about the GH storyline, but it is very disappointing to me as a GH fan and SB one as well. Everyone has waited for the moment of SB when brenda first arrived and now its just spiraling down into so many stories that I really don’t care anymore. Guza needs to reach out to Wendy Riche! I don’t care for Brenda and Dante, what’s happening is that Sonny will ultimately be with Claire and Brenda will leave again………… We are holding on but the writers are creating a new love for Sonny and actions within Brenda’s past that may not qualify for a reunion. She has two years on the contract; stop the BS and forward the SB reunion. He is creating a union with Dante/Brenda and i really don’t like it and the assumption of a baby in it. GH storyline is so all over the place; please take notes from fans when they want something so strong like Sonny and Brenda. I am tired of the all mess with Brenda. I watched GH and never thought i would watch THE DOCTORS in place of it! Until then, I will always be a SB fan but I will not watch this!

  2. i love everything you said.i love sonny/brenda and i hope they show the real sonny/brenda and do not include crappy characters like jason,jax,dante,carly,spinelli in their love story or do not waste their characters on proping these losers.

  3. I am going to keep believing that Sonnay and Brenda will evenutally be reunited and that Sonny will finally be there for Brenda, the way that she has been there for him in the past. They have had a rough “ride.” I don’t like the the writer, Guza, writes their storyline. They have a real true love story with Sonny and Brenda and that is the way the storyline should play it! Not this Sonnay and Claire and Dante and Brenda thing! It’s almost as if they are trying to DESTROY S&B fans! It won’t happen! Even if Sonny and Brenda don’t reunite…they will ALWAYS be in the best daytime couple in the history of Soaps.

  4. I really don’t think Guza went THERE. I do believe that Sonny & Brenda will get through whatever she is keeping secret and be okay in the end, although it will be a rollercoaster before they get to that point. We are talking about Sonny & Brenda, after all.

    You are right about GH’s storytelling. I watch old S&B stuff, and it’s so much more interwoven with the rest of the canvas than what we’ve seen lately. I’m not sure why the writers don’t take a hint from some of the earlier stuff, especially when it comes to S&B. I’m not suggesting they should mimic it, but they might learn something about cohesiveness and continuity from studying it.

  5. I was thinking it was Sonny’s baby as well. But, the only question
    I have about that is the kiss between Sonny and Brenda on the docks happened in 2003, she was in NY in 2007 and pregnant so how would that work?

    Love the website.

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