It’s taken a while to get to this point. It’s been so long since we’ve had kisses or even a possibility of having Sonny and Brenda together again. The writing for all intents and purposes, sucks with Guza at the helm. Who knows what nasty tricks he has up his sleeves for us? Hopefully, with the nasty we have nice… and HOT! It’s been an uphill battle and an extremely bumpy road.. and by all means, it will continue to be a crazy ride.

But… I am THANKFUL beyond belief! Has there been wasted time and moments? Yes. Would I and about a thousand fanfic writers written this return differently? You betcha! Am I disappointed in seeing Dante every 3 seconds drooling and obsessing about his 4 short days with Brenda? I wish he’d disappear with Lulu into oblivion, so that’s a huge YES. BUT..BUT… I am so,so thankful to even be able to write this blog about SONNY, BRENDA and the people, no matter how annoying, who are part of their story! Should all this move faster? Well, yes, it should be a bit faster in the story telling BUT, even though I may complain from time to time, I am so thankful to have Brenda back and my SnB making their way back together.

Vanessa’s contract continues to be a mystery for all of us. There is no clear answer as to how long it is for. She is bicoastal now and has much going on in her personal life. She would like to continue with GH on a part time basis. She says this is a “visit.” She also says she changes her mind all the time about resigning. VMG has also said she came back to specifically work with Maurice Bernard and the story is about Sonny and Brenda. My belief in all of this is this…. If the story continues in Sonny and Brenda’s favor, ratings go up when Sonny and Brenda are on, positive comments about the show continue on the GH FB page and thru emails and snail mail.. not to mention the hotline, Vanessa and TPTB may be able to find a happy medium.

I’ll say it.. I’d like her to stay. I think she could work and take time off and they could say she is doing work for her charity or visiting Julia or something. I personally, don’t wish to see her or Sonny EVERY darn day! I’d like balance and I’d like to see SnB work on making their relationship work. The space at times would be welcoming for both of them and would be good for Sonny’s story, because it wouldn’t ALWAYS be about Brenda. Yes, I am selfish. I want my SnB NO MATTER how I can get them. I would even be happy with 2 days a week seeing Brenda. Honestly… If it was one day a week, I’d be ok, too. As long as it was a huge makeout session, hot sex and both MB and VM being all flirty with each other, I’d be good.

So, to wrap this up… I am Thankful for all of you, Vanessa deciding to come back, Sonny and Brenda finding their way back together and for the promise of a happy, happy 2011.

Hope your Turkey days were happy and full of love, food, friendship and family. xo


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