Oh, my… How spoiled are we, the SnBers with our 4 minutes a day of Sonny and Brenda and then suddenly, yesterday.. BAM, no Sonny and Brenda at all! Damn! On Twitter, I decided I was the Balkan after the long-ass hour of boring randomness..

It’s fine to have an off day for sure. I don’t want our babies to be showcased each and every day because it does get boring. BUT, I wish not to hear constantly about Brenda, Brenda, Brenda like her name is going out of style and everything revolves around her. It makes people think she’s on 24/7 and she’s not! She hasn’t even met Emma or Patrick, hasn’t seen Mike or spent proper time at the Q’s, she hasn’t seen Brook or Luke. It’s just not right.

Lisa and Johnny are interesting together, in a sick and twisted kind of way. I think they have chemistry together and it may be fun to watch them go back and forth blackmailing each other.

Lucky and Siobhan.. I like them together and I think she is very pretty. I do have a problem with her phoney accent. I don’t understand a single word out of her mouth. So, it’s hard for me to follow their story. I hope she is a spy/double agent like Anna.

Luke and Tracy.. While I enjoy the bickering and seeing a Q (would like to see more, though) I am a Luke and Laura fan until the end. I want Luke and his Angel to be back together. I’d like Tracy to be happy, too and with someone. I like Tracy and I even like Luke and Tracy but for as long as Laura is healthy and in Paris studying to be a chef, there’s hope for L&L.

Robin and Patrick. I admit it, I was a Scrubbie for a time. I love the idea of Patrick for Robin. I like that he has a respectable career and his intellect matches hers. I just wish tptb didn’t have him cheat on Robs. I wish maybe they wrote something where Robin was conflicted and torn for another man. Just because she has HIV doesn’t mean she is any less of a woman or should be the writer’s punching bag and constantly made out to be stupid and played.

Carly. Holy crap! When I don’t think I can dislike her more, she sinks lower! She should back off of everyone and maybe concentrate on Jerx, Josselyn and Morgan. Let Michael find himself and for God’s sake, leave Sonny and Brenda alone.

Dante… I hate him more than I can even describe! This character is eating the show and is on EVERY STINKIN’ DAY!!! Gee Wiz! I can’t even say I like the idea of him.. I just think he sucks.

Spinelli is as annoying as they come right now. He is a bit OTT for me. I did like him at one time.

Lulu… How in the world, other than looks is sheLuke and Laura’s child?

 I hope the Balkan kills off the following and he should do so today:

Dante, Suzanne, Carly, Jax, Jerry, Lulu, Spin.

TTFN and see you on Twitter later! xo


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