Christmas Cuteness and Holiday HOTTNESS

Yesterday we watched our Sonny and Brenda decorate their Christmas tree, flirt and reminisce.. Who *knew* about the washing machine? YOWZAH! SnB were not only hot on screen for us but hot together off screen, like in our fanfics. *THUD*

I admit, I missed parts of yesterday’s show due to interruptions and then when I saw Dante for the 1,000,000th time yesterday I lost it. I couldn’t even tweet because everything I had in mind was negative. When the character of Dante was introduced and we learned he was Sonny’s, I accepted the fact he could be Sonny’s son. Ok, great, Sonny has 52 kids with 52 momma’s. Fantastic! Whatever. Why in the world TIIC had, just had to tie this fool spawn to Brenda is beyond me. With him being a cop/fed should be enough of a conflict between him and Sonny. This is just at this point borderline obsession/stalker type behavior and it is sick.

I am so ready to move on from this JOKE of The Balkan nonsense. I don’t give a fig WHO the Balkan is at this point. On Twitter we all joke that each of us are The Balkan. We don’t even care and it is part of OUR story, not other characters. How sad is that? I must say though, I hope the Balkan winds up being Suzanne so I can see her sorry crusty boobs killed or sent to prison. She is one annoying character! Dante could be the Balkan, too for all I care… If he’s not, this will tie into a stalker storyline for him and we can watch him get carted away in a really great white jacket with lots of belts by men dressed in white. He can be the first male character on GH to be admitted into Shadybrooke. GREAT! Then we can have our Sonny and Brenda get married!

I would love for a good chunk of the show to be about Sonny and Brenda, maybe they could have a little party or something. Invite Robin (she could bring Patrick if she so desires), Mike, Olivia, Jason, Sam, Edward (hehe), Luke and Tracy… I just really want Brenda and Sonny to interact with others, people with whom they should have scenes with. I would also like some alone time with another love scene.

I may not get to watch later but I catch Youtube once Suha gets it up for us. I hope we have a great SnB day and I pray TIIC give DZ/Dante a day off or about 25 years off.



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  1. Great post Ro! I watched clips last night and they were so adorable. I am just storing moments right now because I can’t hope for the story to be actually good. I will cherish all these S&B moments.

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