The Balkan

WOW! I am astonished with how surprised I am that the identity of the Balkan is Theo.

Uh, no, not really. The fact that the Balkan is Theo, not with an Eastern European accent but he has a New York style accent now is stupid.

Honestly, Guza and Company wouldn’t know a real plot twist if they were hit by one by a bunch of SnBers! A twist would have been making the Balkan a woman (Suzanne, you know I’m pointing at you!!) and making her Alekander’s mother. Now, GH can redeem themselves by making Suzanne, aka, Crusty Boobs, his mother and Theo’s wife or ex-wife who kept close to Brenda because she needed to keep tabs on her.

OR they could have brought back that boring sack of nails, boyfriend (man, his name escapes me because he was so boring, lack luster and forgettable). He could have been the Balkan. Not, Alekander’s father but brother.. Crusty Boobs still could have been their mother.

Helena and Valentin could have been tied to the Balkan somehow. Aleksander could have been an unknown child/grandchild of Helena’s.

The Balkan could have been Jason’s garbage man and it would have been a much better surprise and plot twist than what those people who call themselves writers for GH came up with.

Mind you, Theo won’t be a bad villan. It just was too obvious and completely transparent with how Guza penned the character. I just hope other than the Brenda/Dante insanity, there will be something interesting to the story. Twitter and tweeting with my Team EEEEE and my other friends has been more fun than the show itself. We were all the Balkan at one time or another. So were my pets. The name has been used over and over again until it was ridiculous sounding and it became one of the biggest jokes since Toxic Balls.

Speaking of balls, when exactly was it when Jax lost/had removed/never had (maybe) his? Sheesh! Seeing Jax with that gun and Carly telling him not to use it was a joke! Since when does Carly tell someone not to resort to violence? It clearly shows how stupid Jax really is.

We had our SnB seperately on today. I am thankful to have seen them even if they were not together.

I love this pic:

Have a fantastic weekend, babies.. Stay warm, dry and get your shopping done!

TTFN! xo


2 responses

  1. I agree with you that Murphy Sinclair could’ve been the Balkan and it would’ve been more interesting. Someone on Twitter suggested Hernando Rivera, which would have been extremely interesting. We S&Bers need to replace Guza. I bet the ratings would skyrocket!

    • Oh! That’s his name, Murphy Sinclair!Thanks!!
      Hernando Rivera is a great idea, too! It’s a shame Guza doesn’t use his powers for good as he just continues on his road to mediocrity and seems to satisfied there.

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