Pretty :)

I saw this picture last night after I made my post about The Balkan.

Can I just say that Vanessa looks so cute and pretty here in this image? I love her hair off of her face and I like her dress.

I love the top and the beige lace over the black dress. It is a beautiful dress and since I am a person who is almost always cold, I’d throw a sweater over it at some point, too. I just wish that the person who made the scan didn’t fold over the page over Sonny’s face. 🙂

I also love the fact that it isn’t a sexy, bombshell sort of dress and it is more of a demure style. Brenda doesn’t need it all on display, she already has her man and they are in love. It comes through in her expressions and the way she carries herself now. I love how she and Sonny wear each other in their eyes and mannerisms. It is very telling in how they genuinely feel about each other not only in character but in real life, too.

Off to have some coffee and play with my baby!



4 responses

  1. You have got to be kidding about the dress, Ro? Both Brenda and Carly look like a hot mess. Wardrobe and hair needs to be taken in the woods and sacrificed for their offenses.

  2. Thanks Mel and Lauren!

    Honey, you are right about hair and wardrobe departments.. The way they dress Brenda is ridiculous. BUT, the few times they’ve dressed up Brenda, she looks great. I think the dress is nice on her and I especially like the top. Who knows what the bottom looks like (long or short)… I am just thrilled to see Brenda out of those awful stretch pants, long/weird shirts and ugly boots. I think she looks cute as a button. 🙂

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