Wedding Scenarios

Suppose you could write an episode for General Hospital. Suppose you could write Sonny and Brenda’s wedding?

What would you write? What twist or turn would you add in?

My scenario would be as follows…

Brenda would finally walk into a church, not St. Timothy’s but another one, Maybe St. Jerome’s.. Edward would be giving her away.

Sonny would be waiting at the altar for his Brenda. They both would looks amazingly magical and completely in love.

Robin would stand up for Brenda, as would Brook who would be filling in for Lois. Patrick and Emma would be attendance as would Mike, Luke and Tracy, Lucy and Doc would come, Ned would fly in, Julia would be there, Jason and Sam would be there as would Sonny’s children and Molly.

Brenda would have a look of relief on her face as she sees Sonny waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Once she makes her way down the aisle and Sonny takes her hand, she feels a wave of calm and feels right. They say their vows, all beautiful and full of love and passion for each other and finally, the priest will pronounce them husband and wife.

They will kiss passionately and then they will joyously walk back down the aisle, full of smiles and grace. Sonny and Brenda will then move on to their small reception with their loved ones and have the time of their lives.

Afterward, they will retire to their castle in the sky and make love countless times through out the night, in between speaking of their dreams and hopes for their future. One of their dreams is to have their own baby together.

In the morning, Sonny awakes to an empty bed and a hazy mind. He looks over to the night stand where a half empty champagne bottle still bubbles. He peers at his glass which is empty but he sees a trace of white powder along the side. He reaches in to feel it and then smell it. He licks his finger and tastes a medicine type flavor. Sonny was drugged at some point during the night. With a start and a fright, he leaps from the bed, putting on his robe, calling for Brenda.

The house was ransacked and Sonny finds the front door ajar. He yells out the door for Brenda but, alas, she and her captors are gone. He heads back inside where he finds a note with one word “Help!”

Elsewhere: Brenda sits alone in a room tied to a chair and gagged. In the other room she can hear Suzanne and Dante talking about Brenda and how both of them are in love with her and how they plan on keeping her away from Sonny forever.

I know my ending is a bit lame but with rumors of Vanessa possibly leaving for a bit, I wanted that in my twist. It’s a little vague, my story, but I really just want my wedding. I want Sonny to search for Brenda, knowing she did not leave him willingly. I want him to be faithful to his lost wife, until she resurfaces…. maybe with their baby/ or pregnant.

My Twitter pals say this:

GHfanatic91 Gayle @ @SonnyandBrenda they need to say “I do” SnB are soulmates!

Code84 Justo @ @SonnyandBrenda have sonny get kidnapped by the balkin Every believes he left again except Brenda. Jason n micheal

hoosiermamaof5 Stacey Mazur @ @SonnyandBrenda if I wrote Sonny/Brenda they would say I do’s with every1 watching, Carly’s plan blows in her face & they live happily!! #GH

Sidlum Siddhi Vaishnav @ @SonnyandBrenda I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO !!

AlwaysEpicMB Heather @ @SonnyandBrenda they’d say I do, while carly and dante are gagged and forced to watch. Then they’d go make love on the beach in PR.

AlwaysEpicMB Heather @ @SonnyandBrenda oh, then they’d take morgan and Kristina and raise them in their new house.. With locks on the fricken doors!

I hope we have a happy day full of love and for the love of soaps, I pray it is a weeks worth of episodes devoted to them, their friends and their love.



2 responses

  1. I actually dreamt about this last night… this is what I would like to see happen. It’s there wedding day and everyone is there, those we want to see and those we don’t want to see. Carly is in Sonny’s room about to reveal what she “knows” and Brenda has this gut feeling that she has to go see Sonny. She walks in just as Carly is telling Sonny that Dante and Brenda had a baby. Brenda yells at Carly and tells her to get the hell out and Jason hears and stands by Brenda and hauls Carly off. Brenda tells Sonny the truth. She was pregnant when she met Dante, with Aleksander’s baby. Dante offered to pretend to be the father and then signed his rights away. She went into labor months later and was unconscious. When she awoke, days later she was told the baby was stillborn. She has carried this with her ever since. Sonny looks at her with hurt in his eyes and caresses her face. His hurt is the pain that he knows Brenda is feeling. He walks away with a single tear streaming down his face and Brenda is in the room not knowing for sure what comes next. Mike comes to find her to walk her down the aisle and she proceeds not knowing what to expect but holding on to the words Sonny told her when he proposed… that he would not leave her at the altar again. As Brenda makes her way into the ceremony, she looks into the eyes of love of familiar faces, Robin, her maid of honor, Emma, her flower girl, Brook, her bridesmaid, Kristina, Michael & Morgan. Patrick is also in attendance, along with Uncle Mac and the Q’s. Dante is with Lulu, and we see Morgan running into the church so he doesn’t miss his father’s big day. Carly is gloating as Jax is in pure fury! Jason is standing at the altar as Sonny’s best man and Brenda gets even more nervous when she sees the look in his face. Sonny is nowhere to be found. But Brenda proceeds to walk her way to the altar. All of a sudden, we hear Crazy Love and Sonny enters the church from the side of the altar making his way to greet Brenda as she reaches the altar. She smiles one of those smiles that only she can do and he whispers “I promised I would never leave you again” and Brenda caresses his face. Vows are exchanged and the reception starts. Lois, Ned and Julia individually record videos that are shown at the reception wishing the newlyweds their best. While everyone is enjoying the reception, Jason comes to deliver a message to Sonny. Sonny whispers into Brenda’s ear and they sneak out of the reception. The next thing we see is Sonny and Brenda on his jet heading out of town. As everyone begins to wonder where the happy couple are, even the Balkan, Sonny and Brenda arrive at their destination and begin to celebrate by making passionate love. We see the most beautiful home ever seen in daytime, looking exactly like a castle. As everyone makes their way back to their homes, Robin comes home to find a note from Brenda. “My Dearest Friend, I cannot thank you enough for nudging at my heart to start beating again and allowing it to believe that I could be loved. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you any sooner, we really couldn’t risk it. But we’ve left Port Charles to start our new life. Until the Balkan is eliminated, no one knows where we are. But please know that I am safe, my heart is safe, I’m alive, and I’m finally home. I love you always, B.” The next scene is Sonny and Brenda in pure bliss with yet again, Crazy Love playing in the background.

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