A post to our SnBers :)

Happy New Year, Loves!!

We have a new year with Sonny and Brenda and it is one hell of an amazing feeling after all these years!

Funny thing is, I don’t want to talk about them per se, I want to talk about YOU!

I think you all are amazing, wonderful, crazy, creative, passionate and loyal. As fanbases go, you all are a special group of people. Back in the early days, some of us were brought together in some of the AOL and old ABCD chat rooms and message boards, then the Yahoo boards… Then you eventually stumbled upon The Sonny and Brenda Forum. A safe haven for all Sonny and Brenda fans. There, everyone has come together and is now a family.

Each and everyone of you is an important part of our online family and you all play a huge roll on our board. Thank you for posting. Thank you for chatting (even when we need to reign you girls in a bit!). Thank you for images. Thank you for new Mvids. Thank you for banners, icons and wallpaper. Thank you to VMG for coming back. Thank you to VMG and MB for being beautiful together and making new images for us to look at. Thank you to GH for making our wildest dream come true (even if it isn’t the way we really wanted it or would have written this return and reunion). Thank you to all of you for all the wonderful things you all bring to our board each and everyday. You are all appreciated and loved.

What fanbase can stick together for 13+ years (after we discovered each other online) even when half of their couple isn’t/wasn’t even on the show anymore? Yet, we campaigned, had hope, made art, videos and wrote stories. We revelled in the glory days, know lines and clips by heart, quote scenes and sing along to the songs that represent our couple. Our perseverance paid off and now our couple is not only back together but GETTING MARRIED! EEEEEEEEE!

I think you are all so talented with your beautiful art, your stories, the way you can turn a horrendous spoiler/rumor into something good… Talented and creative along with loyal and amazing.. Great qualities in a fanbase/family.

AS for our campaigning, quite a few of you have had letters published in SOW about Brenda and Sonny and Brenda. I cannot even begin to express to you how proud I am of you girls and guys. It blows my mind to see how dedicated you all are. Also, I know that f we need to really campaign, not just an email flood, I know we can gather up our boot straps and get our asses in gear. I bet we’d be successful because of that amazing dedication and passion you all have for SnB.

I really just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for coming home again in 2010 and for sticking with us through 2011. Our board continues to grow by leaps and bounds and in a large part due to you all.

Thank you, have a glorious New Year and let’s see where our couple takes us.



2 responses

  1. AWE!!! Awesome Blog Ro!!! I have to agree with you. For a couple that hasn’t been together in years, the fans have never jumped ship… we’ve stuck around and here we are!!!

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