The Bus Crash….

The concept was good. I’ll go with that. The execution however, sucked beyond suck.

First, if there was a huge bus crash in Upstate NY and the bus crashed OFF the mountain road, everyone would be dead. Second, ok, so the “main” GH characters were all intact BUT  not one single coat on? Third, no one give a fig about the bus driver or Allie, the friend we’ve seen 3 times. Fourth, maybe Cam should have grabbed his matches before he left home so he could build a fire for everyone. (Seriously, no one has matches or a lighter? Didn’t K dabble in smoking at some point?)

What would have been dramatic and climatic would have been this:

The bus crashes into a guard rail or tree. Most everyone gets off the bus because the engine is smoking and beginning to smolder, except for the casualties (bus driver and Allie–just kill her off if you’re gonna do it, don’t drag it out to the hospital, just do it) and then just Olivia, Morgan and Cam are left. Morgan is unresponsive and barely breathing. Cam is the same but a bit better. Steven notices Morgan also is bleeding out from his leg. Steve tries to stop the bleeding but it doesn’t work. Help finally arrives and the ambulance whisks Cam and Morgan to the hospital. Morgan is in grave condition and they realize he has a head injury also. Cam is much better but suffers cardiac arrest. 

Olivia just broke a few ribs and was helped out of the bus. But, as she leaves the bus, Dante steers his Jeep toward the side of the road but hits black ice and winds up running her over. He has a fit over what he did and hurls himself off the mountainside. They both die. No one ever tells Kate.

Liz and Lucky are told by Monica that without a heart transplant, Cam will die. Elsewhere, Carly, Jason, Jax and Sonny are told that essentially Morgan is brain dead. Carly has a breakdown and begs Patrick to run more tests.

Jason heads off to find Monica to ask her opinion about Morgan. He stumbles upon Liz, Lucky and Monica and sees the distress both Liz and Lucky are in. Monica excuses herself and goes to speak to Jason.

Jason tells Monica of Morgan’s condition. The first thing Monica can say is after the tests are confirmed, maybe Carly and Sonny would consider donating Morgan’s heart to save Cam.

The story would go on from their and like the original heart transplant story, this story would play out for many, many years to come.

Carly would be bitter and her hatred for Liz would continue but her affection for Cam would grow. Sonny would be free of  a biological child w/Carly but would mourn. Sonny would create a transplant wing of the hospital in Morgan’s honor and would set up a trust for Cam. Jax and Carly would grow closer and Bobbie and Mike could be dusted off for the story.

That could go on for so many years. It would affect all the kids, the adults and it would give everyone a serious chance to act their asses off.

This could bring our SnB together as Brenda helps Sonny through his pain. I absolutely don’t want to see Sonny suffer at all but this story would bring him full circle again to Clink/Boom. This would be the opportunity for Brenda to be there for Sonny as she couldn’t all those years ago.

I want acting. I want FANTASTIC, thoughtful, concise writing. I want the story to play out as if I was reading it. Attention to detail (There’s no Rt. 55 in upstate NY I’ve been told!) The characters should have had coats, scarves and gloves on. They should have been shivering. A friend of mine has stated “It’s colder than a witch’s tit around here!!” Do you think that’s just wear a sweater kind of weather around here? I’m in NJ, this is Upstate NY, over 200 miles NORTH and COLDER than here! Please! You don’t leave your house with skin exposed in the NE or upper Mid-West!

There’s no continuity, not attention to detail, no real cast interaction, just fragmented junk, characters who should talk don’t, others are just completely left  out in the proverbial cold. So sad. Where the hell were Bobbie and Monica for Luke and Tracy’s wedding? Mike after the crash where his grandchildren were on the bus? Why didn’t anyone protect SAM when Jerry was around? What happened to Alexis’s lung cancer? No bi-yearly check-ups?

Their writing of this once great show is sincerely lacking. Dante from what I understand has been showcased about 92% of the whole year of new episodes last year. WTF is that all about? t is clear he ate the show and has killed the ratings. Yet, the haters blame the ratings on VMG. Not nice. Look at the epi counts for the players. DZ is on almost daily and it’s disgusting.

I want more episodes featuring Sonny and Brenda’s reconnection and love. I want to feel it. I want them to tell each other they love each other. I want to feel connected to the show I’ve watched for over 30 years of my life. I want to be chomping at the bit because I can’t wait for 3pm. I want the butterflies in my tummy because SnB are gonna have a hot kiss that lasts for days, I want to be scared and sad for a tragic storyline. I want to remember awesome stories like I do from the past.

Not one storyline in recent history sticks out to me like the past ones do from over 11-12 years ago. Everything after 1998/99 stinks. Yes, I enjoyed the last time Brenda returned. Best parts are summed up here:

Amazing Grace

The Docks kiss

The Island Kiss

Vent Day

Even Brenda and Jason getting married was ok. (Funny as hell)

The rest sucked. Was it the players’ fault? No, it was the writing and the fact TPTB couldn’t come up with a good compromise for VMG to stay back then. If they did we would have had SnB a whole hell of a lot sooner!

I’m just a bit pissed that this is a filler story with no impact what-so-ever. No lasting consequences. No lasting drama. Just a bus crash to be forgotten by Feb. 1, if not sooner.

Too bad.



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  1. Wow!!! Amazing Grace and Vent Day top my list from Brenda’s last return. I loved how Suha described Amazing Grace about a year later, I still have her post… he he he!!!

    Nothing so far has come close to those days for me. I loved when they saw each other for the first time in Rome, but it just didn’t have the impact that Amazing Grace or Vent Day had on me. I hope we get the opportunity to see something GREAT!!!

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