Are Sonny and Brenda rushed?

I asked a few questions yesterday about Sonny and Brenda on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Here’s the post:

What are your opinions on Sonny and Brenda’s reunion this time around? What would you like to see more of or less of? Do you think the marriage will take place and continue?

Here are a few responses from FB (unfortunately, my Twitter ones have disappeared):

THis one is from Ivy- ” Although I love the fact they are reunited, it has been poorly written and I am still waiting for them to “make the angels sing”. More intimacy, less involvement of other characters in the relationship. I hope it takes place and believe it will, however rather it continues 3 months after it happens, I am starting to doubt. I love VM and MB, but I really hate I returned to viewing the show because it has been a let down.”

From Brigette- “Love them being back together and I *hope* the marriage happens. The writing is horrific and I hate that Brenda spends more time with Dante and Jason than her own fiance 😦 But when they are together,it’s magic like it’s always been. We need them together MORE.”

From Nancy- ” They are still THE best couple on GH, w/o a doubt – and that’s ALL due to VMG & MB’s amazing chemistry & wonderful acting skills. However, they are not *quite* as magical as they once were, and that’s all due to the writing – it is absolute…ly atrocious! First it took forever to get them together, and then BAM! Within a month they’re engaged. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they are – it just seemed very rushed and like it didn’t follow a natural progression. The guy left her at the altar last time… I wouldn’t think she’d agree so readily to take that walk down the aisle again. And this crap w/ Dante…. end it soon, please. I actually don’t mind Dante – usually. But get him outta S&B’s romance!”

Most of everything I received, even the stuff on Twitter all had the same theme. Not enough Sonny and Brenda TOGETHER and the rushed reconciliation seems to be too slopped together too fast.

Don’t get SnBers wrong, we LOVE the fact our babies are together again. We will not accept anything less! We just expected…. MORE.

More kisses, more flirting, more longing, more dates, more time with friends and getting to know each other NOW. Can we accept they’ve continued to love each other thru the years and now want to spend their lives together? Yes!! Does the romance need to be rushed to suit the needs of sweeps and TIIC? No.

While we really have no idea about what is going on behind the scenes or why this is being rushed, the whole storyline could be written differently. Still hurried along, sure, but SHOW us WHY they want to be together. Show the NEW VIEWERS why Sonny and Brenda are the #2 Hottest Couple of all time right behind Luke and Laura in Soaps in Depth this week. 

Yes, we want to see SnB make love, tender and sweet and hot and up against the wall, BUT we want them to do their dance in order to get to that hot point.

Cast interaction….. Seeing Sonny and Brenda stopping by to see their friends and family to tell them of their engagement. (Ok, that requires more work from TPTB in putting together sets and we KNOW they’re lazy) Ok, so have them have a dinner party or cocktail party at their Castle in the Air or at Sonny’s house. Invite Robin, Patrick w/Emma, Mike, Jason and Sam, Spinelli, Alexis, Kristina, Molly, Brooklynn, Nik, Jax, Carly, Michael, Morgan and Jossy. We can watch both Jax and Carly’s heads fall off and then they can leave. The rest can stay and celebrate SnB for 10 minutes. Why there is NO support for our couple is beyond me! It’s ridiculous!

How people can go around saying that Sonny and Brenda, mostly Brenda, has eaten the show, just amazes me! Do they watch the same show as we do?

Ok, whatever… The upshot is, most of us feel that this romance is rushed. Most of us watch exclusively on Youtube. Why? Well, because the rest of the show sucks and you can watch our babies in less than 5 minutes in a clip! TPTB wonder why the ratings SUCK so much? A huge fanbase will not tune in just to see their faves together for 30 seconds a day. Maybe, just maybe they would if the rest of the story, for all the players, was smokin’ hot and all encompassing the cast.

I can say this, if the story was better and much stronger, the SnBers would be watching live, rewatching SN and then reliving the amazing in clips the next day and years to come. BUT, since everything is rushed, we don’t have those “magical” moments, the hot connections, the interlopers who suck the life out of our couple and show, most of the SnBers will stick to clips on Youtube.

For a comeback that could have written itself, Guza instead got involved and even though it was promoted as a Sonny and Brenda story, so far it’s been anything but and their romance has been rushed along at epic speeds.

Even with all that said, the general consensus has been good. We are all so thrilled that Vanessa came back because she wanted to work with Maurice and she came back for us. She is an SnBer at heart, too. We are happy to have our babies together, for better or for worse. We are happy to have our Castle in the Air, new pictures, great promos, ideas for fanfic and art, along with new Mvids.

WE are a lucky fanbase in so many ways, but, what we wish for is for the story arc to slow down a little bit in some areas, like romance and make it about a rediscovery and falling head over heels in love again and to speed up the nonsense that everyone hates. Focus on family, relationships, love, friendships and telling a tale worth remembering. Don’t tell stories at breakneck speed that should be told at a much slower pace.

This may be rushed but, we have them together and we should enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully, the interlopers will disappear, along with the naysayers and the Balkan. We are having a wedding and a continuation of our passionate couple… We are a very lucky fanbase and but, we deserve a little more than what we are getting right now.

TTFN! xo


2 responses

  1. Awesome post Ro! You’re exactly right… I know that S&B never stopped loving each other, but I want to see them fall in love with each other all over again! Like you said, I want newer viewers to see EXACTLY why we fell in love with the couple in the first place. And I want to see them share their joy with those they love. Does Mike even know that Brenda is back in town?? LOL Even if we can just see Brenda call Lois to share the news…

    Oh, and I’m LOVING that new S&B pic! They still look great together. 🙂

  2. Great job! I love the use of “interlopers” had me flashback to the 90s when the Edward Quartermine we once knew and loved used the term in a scene.

    I hope someone in charge sees your blogs and we can get the point across to TIIC quick.

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