GH 1/11/11 Ring Day

Today’s episode was amazing! The first time I could actually come here to blog about amazingly beautiful Sonny and Brenda words, images and emotion!

I have to say that the scenes with SnB, Spin and Carol were way funny and cute! When she thought Brenda was marrying Murphy Sinclair, Sonny’s face was priceless! LOVED it!! WOOT! Loved it when Sonny was flipping out along with Brenda but when Brenda saw what Carol could do, he caved and agreed to having Carol help Brenda. He explained to Carol how much he loved Brenda, how this wedding wasn’t about him, Carol or the wedding itself, it was about Brenda and repairing the past mistakes he made with her. He wants to make everything up to Brenda and spend the rest of his life with her.


Brenda threw her arms around him and he said they were leaving. He took Brenda to their Castle in the Air, where they had wine as they sat on the couch. Sonny then reached into his pocket, I think, and pulled out a small black box.

 In the black box were 3 separate rings. The first ring was for the past, the second one was for the present and Sonny promised he would be waiting for her at the end of the aisle, the last one was for the future, to be given to her on their wedding day. He told her how much he loved her and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Then they kissed.

Now it was on to the nightmare.. Sonny dreamt that both he and Brenda were standing at the altar and he was saying his gorgeous vows.. Then suddenly a woman screams out to Sonny and a shot is fired.. Brenda disappears… Sonny wakes up with a start and startles Brenda.

If I could have more episodes like today’s… I wouldn’t be able to complain. Today was beautiful. Simple and perfect. <sigh>



4 responses

  1. You know I really loved this episode w/SnB. It was beautiful they way Sonny talked to the wedding planner about Brenda and then when he gave her the 3 rings but I must say that I am just disturbed on so many levels. Brenda and Sonny don’t have that passion they once shared. I mean it’s obvious they love one another but this time around they hardly kiss or even touch. Furthermore, there’s the whole thing w/VMG wearing that same shirt in bed with sleeves over her hands. I mean this man just gave her 3 beautiful rings and stood up for her w/that wedding planner. She should have passionately kissed him on the couch and had no clothes on in the bed. I mean where is the passion? Where is the moments that made us feel super giddy and loving how Sonny would steal kisses from Brenda before she could even finish a sentence. Moreover , there’s all these rumors about VMG leaving earlier(last airing in March). I don’t know what to believe anymore. Now on General Hospital Happenings, they are talking about her being recast. When she is kidnapped, someone else will return in her place. I am so frustrated at the writing, the bad choices around them. I think the writers have taken one of the most talked about love stories in soap opera history and has belittled it to just another story. Sonny and Brenda’s story is epic. It is so beautiful. It was carefully written by Claire Labine and new viewers can’t see it because the writers have neglected to show it. I was hoping that somehow the spontanaeity of MB and VMG would overshadow the writing but up until now that hasn’t happened. Overall I am still loving the time that I see them together and am still very hopeful that we will see that passion once again. I am praying that VMG is not leaving and that Sonny and Brenda will get married and stay married for a long time. In fact I hope this is the last and final marriage for them both. It would be nice for them to stay together and just go through married couple issues. SnB forever!!!!

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from. I think that the lack of passion is really due to the fact that the writers never wrote scenes for them with any build-up. We didn’t get the falling back in love scenes and that is a bit sad. I, however am thankful for every scene we get.

      As for the rumors avout VMG, they are just rumors. TPTB won’t be recasting the role of Brenda. They tried once and the backlash they felt caused them to rethink that plan. GHH is not exactly the most reliable source so please take what is said there with a huge grain of salt. Everything I have heard has been that VMG will stay at least thru August, maybe longer. If she was going to leave anytime in the next 8 weeks, we’d know something by now, not just rumors.
      Kelly Monaco just had an interview where she had said that VMG wasn’t going anywhere, she was going to be around for quite some time.

      When and if she does leave, I will be posting the info on the board, blog and on Twitter. The info will come from a reliable source at that time, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon.

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