Email Flood!

Ok, everybody, we are doing another email flood…

This includes emailing, calling and Facebooking…

We are telling TPTB that we want the following for our couple:

*A beautiful wedding night…
*Sonny and Brenda to have a heartfelt wedding

Yes, we are starting up our NO RECAST campaign!

Don’t panic, but reason why we are adding in a No Recast is due to some rumors floating around all over the place. Just so you know, I am not panicking or even worried! This is a RUMOR, not a FACT.

Truth be told, there are so many haters out there who would love, just love to see Vanessa leave. But, remember, no matter what it is Vanessa chooses to do, it is highly unlikely they would even consider a recast of Brenda. If TPTB were really going to recast this character, they would not have waited 8 years or responded to our last No Recast campaign we did a few years back. They would have ignored everything and would have had a recast asap. Even if VM were to leave soon or later, she has always said she would never return if they recast the character of Brenda, because she believes she was born to play Brenda. TPTB would not take that chance to never have her back in the future.

But, to play it safe, we will throw in No Recast of Brenda Barrett into our email flood on Monday.

Personally, if VM were to leave now or in August, I’d like to see a story similar to when Laura disappeared all those years ago at the hands of the Cassadine’s. I’d like Sonny to search, be angry and want his wife back. I’d then maybe after some lengthy time try to move on with his life only to have his Brenda come back and be found. Maybe she would come back either pregnant or with a baby… A Sonny and Brenda baby. But, no matter what, I hope she stays. She brings heart and soul to the show… Very much needed heart and soul.

We would like to have a beautiful, heartfelt, amazing wedding for Sonny and Brenda… All bells and whistles, happy faces in the crowd, tears of joy and kisses upon kisses…

Now about Sonny and Brenda’s wedding night…… Rumor has it that they do get married but right after the ceremony, Dante and Brenda get kidnapped. Which then means NO WEDDING NIGHT FOR SnB!! WHAT?!!
After all this time, 13 years since their “last” wedding, they deserve some happiness and we deserve to see them happy…. for once this year! What ever TPTB have in charge have in store for them can certainly wait a day, right? This HAS NOT BEEN FILMED as of yet… So maybe, just maybe we can incite a change, not a huge change, just a small change for our couple.

Please Flood on Monday, January 17, 11 am and continue it through out the day please. Make this an ALL DAY FLOOD!
Telephone numbers:
General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
ABC Hotline: 818-460-7477, ext. 4

Please email:

ABC/GH Email Addresses
* (Head of ABC Daytime)

* (Soap Opera Digest – “My Opinion,” Carolyn Hinsey)
* (Soap Opera Digest – “Sound Off!”)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soaps In Depth – ABC issue)

GH Facebook page:!/generalhospital

For any mor details or if you have questions, please go here:

TTFN! xo


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