Weaving the Fabric of a Show

A couple of days ago there was breaking news that Becky Herbst was fired or let go/ storyline dictates.

How unfortunate how over the last 10 years or so, Bob Guza has found a way to remove all vets, all characters who have history from the show.  How many have been “let go” or we see them once a year over the years… Let’s see.. (I am thinking back to 2000 to now)

Audrey, Tony, Amy, Bobbie, Monica, Laura, Scotty, Felicia, Anna, Robert, Emily, Georgie, The Alcazar’s (Luis, Lorenzo, Diego, Sage), Courtney, Holly, Alan, Lila, John Durant, Noah Drake, Sarah, Cooper, Claudia, Logan, Ric, Trevor, Lesley, Leyla, Helena, Mike, Ned, Lois, Dillon, Skye, Lady Jane and now, Elizabeth.

Now, sure not all of them has met with a grizzly demise, and some of them we have down right hated BUT, most of these characters were part of a bigger picture. They wove the fabric of family and in once case in particular, the Alcazar’s, the whole family was killed off. There may be characters I am missing, but this is off the top of my head. Some of these characters would have continued to be a foil for some of our faves, some of them could be the sage older generation that the youngsters run to. Some could be involved in their older children’s stories as could they have romance and love for themselves. Some couldn’t have been redeemed and some passed away in real life.

And, WTF happened to all the Night Shift characters who could have been integrated into the show at the hospital?

The point is, TPTB are too easy with the demise of characters and allowing some to languish in the background. It ruins the continuity of the show, it ruins the exact fabric as to why we watch the show.

With losing the character of Elizabeth, we lose her children and the continuation of the Webber and Hardy families. Why should we care? We should care because the Hardy clan has been a part of the show since day one in 1963. Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Steve Hardy, who was at one time the heart of the show. Elizabeth was written into a corner with her many pregnancies with a few different men. She also lost the edge she arrived in PC with and became a saint, put up on a pedestal. She has 3 babies, all of whom she has to support on one income, with Lucky and Nikolas giving her child support. Jason bought her the house she lives in with her boys because one child is his.

Why in the world would TPTB consider writing her like this? Why not have her still be a nurse (? when she was an artist for many years and suddenly, she’s a nurse.. WTF? ) and have her kids and some hot doctor interested in her OR, maybe TPTB should not have given her all those kids. Or, have her still with Lucky and they could be adventure loving people, like his parents and even her parents.

We can’t turn back time, we can’t solve the problems TPTB seem to have with writing. But what we should do is embrace the characters, the ones we love and let the actors and actresses know how we feel. We will never know when it is our favorite character’s last breath on this show.

I wish Becky the best in her journey. I hope she finds a job right away, especially considering she has her 3 babies at home to support, along with her husband, Michael. (I’m sure he has a job but still…)

Here’s to hoping TPTB get a clue and change the course of the show. In doing so several of TPTB need to be replaced. Instead of trimming the cast, why not trim the fat at the core of what’s wrong? We, the viewers know it’s not the cast, it is those behind the scenes who don’t listen to what the fans watch.

Also, I am sorry to hear about so many viewers who have either stopped watching or will stop watching on Becky’s last day. I understand their pain of losing their favorite. We, here at the SnB Forum have lost our girl twice. VMG may not have been fired or let go, but it doesn make the reality of the loss any less to the viewer. It is devastating for the fanbase. It is devastating to have that ultimate loss of hope for a couple. It is a hard lump as a viewer to swallow. Especially when something as senseless as this happens.

Whether you are a Liz or a Becky fan, she is a person. She just lost her job and livelihood and it is sad. It is sad for the fans, the show and for Becky and her family. Just because she may not be your favorite doesn’t mean that your favorite is safe… It could be our fave next. You never know and this is no time to gloat. Not in this day and age of GH.

Chins up and thank Becky on Twitter for a great 13-14 years. @MichaelSaucedo It’s her hubby’s acct and she has been on tweeting on and off since yesterday. Either way, if she’s on or Michael is on, she will get the message and she will appreciate it. You can also send her some snail mail to the GH Studios.

“General Hospital” Rebecca Herbst
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027



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