WTF is going on with ABCD?

I’m smelling something fishy at ABCD.

It really is stinking up the joint and it’s disgusting! In the past 4 days, count ’em FOUR days, 4 actresses are OUT from their ABCD show.

First, we heard the unfortunate news about Becky Herbst. Then before we could even settle in on wrapping our minds about that one, we find out Annie Ilonzeh (Maya Ward) got cast in the new Charlie’s Angels pilot. Then it continued…. Brittney Underwood, Langston from OLTL was fired, as with Becky, there are certain words used in different places, fired, storyline dictated.. WTF? So, this morning, I wake up to read that Melissa Claire Egan has “decided to move on from AMC.” Ok, so maybe she made the decision? Hmmmmmm… After the others, I think not. Especially considering she stopped taping January 11!

There is a bloodbath brewing over at ABC studios. It isn’t pretty and I notice so far, it’s only WOMEN getting pink slipped. WTF?

Instead of cutting out talent, saying they wrote them into a corner, write them out of the corner and instead… CUT OUT SOME OF THE BACKSTAGE SUITS/HIGHER UPS!!!

Cut the fat backstage, get fresh blood in who cost less! There are plenty of writers out there, new producers, new everything who WANT TO WORK and put out a good product!

I am finding this week to be quite disturbing and sad. Some of these women are not my favorites, not by a long shot but you know what? I accept them on my shows, they have purpose and ties to characters and families I love. I am hearing about newbies left and right being hired, some getting contracts and honestly, I am happy for them BUT they have NO TIES TO THE HISTORY OF THESE SHOWS!!

I started really watching these shows in the late ’70’s with my mom and my grandma. What really sucked me in from the beginning was the tale that was told, the family dynamics, the fresh, new loves, the middle people having crazy affairs, and the older people with their sage advice for all the younger ones. I used to run home from the bus stop DAILY in order to catch the last few minutes of OLTL and see all of GH… Luke and Laura, baby! I used to try to (hehe) and loved to stay home sick (hey! sometimes I was really sick!) so I could catch AMC and OLTL. I LOVED Erica Kane and was sucked in to her many marriages… OLTL.. LOVED Tina Lord and loved so much from both shows. I used to write in High School, had many notebooks. What I was writing was my own soap opera. I just loved the genre, loved how the characters seemed to stay on the show forever. I loved how each year there was at least one HUGE wedding and an amazing birth.

We just don’t have much of this anymore. We have (talking GH here) violence, less family, no adventure or intrigue, very little friendships and hardly any love. Now characters who make sense, add some diversity and who are women are gone from the fabric of these daytime staples. It is quite upsetting and very sad.

It’s kind of like the government, if you want to cut back on some costs, look at what is going on behind the scenes and cut out some of that. These daytime dramas revolve around the characters, not around the suits behind the scenes that never get changed. It’s time for fresh ideas, new blood and creative people to step in and save what is left of our shows.

But, maybe, it’s too late and TPTB let Brian Frons and Co. go on too long. They ruined Soap Net and now ABCD is following suit.

I’m afraid to see who else is leaving today, next week or the weeks following that. Things are changing, and I’ve been hearing some disturbing rumors about the upcoming year for all three shows. It is NOT PRETTY!

My advice for all fans of ABCD….. Watch your shows, try to watch in real time, not just clips. Support all the casts on your various shows… Whether you like that character/actor/actress or not, these people have left an impression and imprint on our shows, they are needed— Where as newbies are NOT.. These people have a purpose on these shows and you never know right now IF YOUR personal favorite is the nest to get the ax.

Send snail mail, email TPTB, call hotlines and email the mags… Do it often and be positive about your favorites and about the show itself. No matter what, I will be devastated if any one of my shows is canceled… No matter how much I bitch about GH, I’ve watched it forever with my mom and I can remember seeing my grandma, sitting on her stool, in front of the tv, with her cold cup of coffee, a cigarette and glasses on. She loved GH and needed to be home each day at 3pm, no matter what.. She hated to miss a show and you know what? I hate to miss a show, too.



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  1. It’s funny you should post this Ro, because I had the exact same thought last night! And this was BEFORE knew about Ilonzeh, Underwood, and Egan leaving! Instead of firing the talent, let’s fire the horrible writers/producers and hire new ones. I’m sure there are plenty of up and coming writers just out of school, just itching to get their foot in the door somewhere!

    I love the genre too, and unfortunately they’ve been in a steady decline for years. And it seems the existing soaps are doing NOTHING to help the genre survive. While I’d love to do what I can to help it by watching in real time, that’s just not an option for me, and my cable provider made the decision about watching them on SoapNet for me by cutting the channel, so I rely fully on to watch them. I will do what I can about campaigning though!

  2. I think that watching the episodes on is a good thing, too. I believe they can see how many times the episode has been viewed on their end, which is a good thing. I hope someone keeps tallies on the viewer hist on each episode aired.

  3. Guiding Light was my favorite when it was still around.
    I got to witness the dying/death of the show. So sad. 😦
    The writing was crappy and only got worse.
    P&G wanted the hell out of the soap biz and that was simply that.
    We GL fans would try everything from boycotting P&G products, like toothpaste and so on, but nothing we did helped.
    I’m NOT discouraging writing, etc. A person needs to try to say the very least.
    It just seems like, with many other things other than just soaps, when the big wigs want to stick a fork in it, it’s usually going to be done.
    I can still see a few of my favorite actors from GL on websoaps such as VENICE and STEAMBOAT.

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