Mad Money

Last evening on Twitter I read an article by Jamey Giddons from Daytime Confidential.

Bob Guza

Now, I am just as upset as the next person about the recent firings and from what I am understanding, the bloodbath will continue for some time as TPTB cut several people from all 3 shows free. BUT, there was something more in that article that disturbed me even more than the firing of Becky.

Yes, my sources told me Frons was the person who wanted the Liason pairing axed, but it was Guza who couldn’t manage to come up with a decent story for Liz post the breakup with Jason, yet he gets paid in the neighborhood of $30,000 a week, reportedly

WHAT?!?!!!! The GUZE makes what most normal, everyday people make in a year but in ONE WEEK and he can’t write a decent show? What is that? He makes a million and a half a year to do nothing but write plot points, cater to his favorites while shitting on the others. He hasn’t written a decent storyline in years. Sure, a few “Events that will Change the Face of Port Charles!” were entertaining, but everything is always hyped up considerably more than what it actually plays out to be.  He writes good montages, and for those I pull from the past: Clink/Boom! & Amazing Grace.

Honestly, there may be more but, since I am a fixated Sonny and Brenda fan, these stick out in my mind.

Ok, here is Vent Day and not because it is a montage like those perse, but because I stumbled upon it and just loved, loved this scene.

Anyway, I do not believe in my heart that Bob Guza is deserving of his salary. Not for the damage he has done to the show, the integrity of the characters, the dismissal of actors and fans or for the turning a deaf ear on what the fans want. Focus groups are something of the past at this point, like the Nielsen rating system.

If TPTB were really and I mean REALLY interested in what we, the fans wanted and were looking for on our shows, they would keep a keen eye on the internet, read emails, see the letters in the soap mags and looks at the comments on the comment lines. It is such a simple task. Honestly, everything is spelled out in black and white everywhere! It shouldn’t be hard, not at all. But, yet, it seems as if TPTB reside in a different world than we do. They do not care about what we think. They pay a panel of about 12 people and ask THEM if they like certain characters, storylines or couples. Excuse me? Seriously? You’re gonna PAY people for their opinions, like 12 of them, when you can get THOUSANDS for free on Twitter and in emails… Not to mention the comment line? WHAT?! I’m talking FREE OPINIONS, PEOPLE!!

Sure, a lot of us are fanbased opinions, character, couple based opinion… BUT, in all of that mess there is a common theme. Unfortunately for our boatload paid friend, Guza, we want him gone. JFP needs to follow him as do and I hate to say it but the writing team under Guza. They need fresh blood. These peeps have no ideas left and if they do, no one is listening to them. Maybe they should.

BTW, Frons needs to go to. He tanked SN and now it looks like ABCD is his next pet project to throw away. I hope once he tanks daytime tv he moves to Siberia never to be heard from again. He deserves worse but I am an adult and I need to conduct myself better when it comes to these peeps.

Some people who are being let go from GH, OLTL and AMC are being cut loose due to budget constraints. I hear that one ABC soap has to cut back by 50% and it isn’t OLTL from what I’ve heard. I hear it’s GH. I hear more heavy hitters will be out or done by May. Maybe, just maybe the big wigs took a pay cut—- I’m looking at you Bob Guza and Brian Frons—— Maybe that would at least help GH.

I don’t know, maybe I am just bitching to bitch but this bothers me. I am extremely disturbed by knowing about how much our Guze makes a week. Especially when I go to pay my bills and don’t have enough and when I know about so many families who have nothing…. Guza makes a ton and ruins a show for millions of people. Nice reward for nothing, shithead!

Sure, like I said, he has a couple of montages I like and he had the best triangle ever in daytime tv, Sonny, Brenda, Jax. But, not, it’s not enough. That was the ’90’s early 2000’s, it’s time. Time for him to move on and let someone else come in, fresh blood…. My vote is for Frons to get Sri Rao in to fix this. Sri LOVES the history and would build upon the past, family, friends, love, drama, intrigue and adventure. Sri has attention to detail down to a science. His last effort with Night Shift was amazing and I wish SN had continued with it and taken things further.

There’s a ton to think about with all of this. There’s a lot to worry about for ABC soap fans over the next few weeks. There are quite a few actors who make around $3 million a year (maybe 3 or 4 from my understanding one or two on each show)… They should be worried, and may be asked to take a pay cut or leave.

This genre doesn’t have to die, it can be saved but what needs to change first, before the character/actor changes, is a change of TPTB. All of them. Get people in who know and understand the history of the shows, people who are willing to be paid less and put out a much better quality of work. Then they need to write their way out of this paper bag the others got them into. Then we will see change and a change for the better.



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  1. I could not agree with you more.. he has been a thorn in my side with all the Sonny and Brenda crap from in the day and totally has a total lack of respect for long time veiwers as he tears apart story after story thinking we are too stupid to remember them correctly.. I am disgusted that he would make that much and do so little in return!!

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