The Wedding Dresses

I included the dream dress and the dress we’ll see on Feb. 18, except, you really can’t see it! Karen from Wubs ( says it’s an Oscar De La Renta dress and I looked on the site and I think I figured out which one it was! You can take a gander and see if you can figure out the dress… But, don’t blame me if you’re spoiled!!

Let’s hope this wedding goes better for our girl and guy than their weddings to each other and to others in the past!



2 responses

  1. Mel, I agree with you – that dress she wore for her last wedding to Jax was FUGLY! LOL Maybe it’s because I’m an S&B fan, but my favorite dresses out of all of them are the one she wore on UMD, and the dream dress. If the dress she’s wearing on the wedding day is the one I think it is, then I’m kinda disappointed… 😦 I’d rather the dream dress!

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