Invitation for the Wedding!


Please join us on all the days or just a few, bring your favorite drinks, food and flowers. Let’s have fun, savor the event and remember it always! I hope to hear and see lots of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’s, I hope we have happy tears and a plethora of joy! So, why don’t we set aside the rumors and spoilers that are for after the wedding and just really enjoy this for what it is…. It is a full on GIFT for us and for Vanessa and Maurice. We worked hard to get here. We campaigned our hearts out and Vanessa came back, Brenda was not recast and Maurice was welcome to having her come back for his Sonny.

Please RSVP for the wedding, leave me an EEEEEEEEE and let’s have the time of our lives along side our favorite couple. They will sparkle and shine, love and beam happiness… just like we all will in front of our TV’s and computers… God knows we all would have been EEEEEEEEEEEing by ourselves years ago, but now in 2011, we can do that together!! That is a gift to us too!

TTFN xoxo


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