6 days


6 Days until our Sonny and Brenda…………………………………….GET MARRIED!


Yes, I have now died and have gone off to Sonny and Brenda heaven where birds sing, passion erupts, flowers blossom, SnB have hot sex, happiness happens, soul mates exist, and true love is triumphant!

Honestly, I have spent many moons campaigning for THIS moment. My boardmates and I spent so much time, so much energy and had so much hope in Vanessa Marcil’s quote that she would “Always come back.” We held so much stock in the fact she said that she would come back, we believed so much and then suddenly….. Now she’s back and…..



Yes, SnBers these days are on Cloud 9! We are unable to contain ourselves and EEEEEEEEEEE is about all we can say unless we are dissecting a scene, interview, spumor, or picture. We speak in SnB terms, we gush over interviews… BTW, have you read this gem from Maurice to TV Guide? No, ok, here it is and reeeeeeeeeeeeeead! http://www.tvguide.com/News/General-Hospital-Maurice-1029163.aspx

I think I am so in love with Maurice right now. I love Vanessa.. she always gushes over MB, but now… This one interview Maurice has done… Wow! He loves our girl like we do. hehe! Our girl loves him! That’s a huge reason WHY Sonny and Brenda work so well together and have fantastic chemistry. It’s not to say they don’t have great chemistry or connections with others, it’s just the fact that this connection is special. It comes from the core in their beings. They grew together on screen as a fictional couple but genuinely liked each other as people and it showed in their demeanor. I have not seen Maurice this happy to be working with someone in a very long time. The smiles and dimples say it all!

I am so happy. My girls are so happy! You know what is amazing? It is beyond amazing that this time, 13 years later, we from all different corners on this Earth can share in this wedding TOGETHER! Even though we all watched before, we have all watched clips together, this time we can post and Tweet at the same time as if we were all in the same room watching together! I wonder if we rented out Madison Square Garden if we could fill those seats with Tri-State SnBers? Hehe, I bet we could…. It would be the “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’s heard all around the world!!”

Oh, that thought leads me to this one…

Some girls and I from the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT/PA… it depends on which tri-state you’re from lol)have been talking about a SnB Forum Meet-Up in early June. We would meet up here, at the Jersey Shore @ The Ocean Place Hotel and Resort. http://www.oceanplace.com/ The Tiki Bar is fun, and anyone (even our babies, the 18-20 year olds) can hang out out there. It’s just steps away from the beach and there is Pier Village for shopping. I am thinking either the first weekend (the 4/5th) or the second (11/12th)… Let me know, it’s still early days but maybe we can meet for an afternoon, have a toast to SnB, finally all meet face to face and have some fun. Think about it and let me know your thoughts on a meet-up.

6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. Excited!



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