5 Days

So, I guess today I’ll be a blogging fool who just gushes about a soap opera with her friends and thinks about it when I am not online.

I still just can’t help thinking how darn lucky we are as a fanbase! My love for SnB has been so strong and for so long now… I can remember back in the day, sitting in my video store, every week day at 3pm being on the phone with Mary (as she watched from home) and gushing, love overflowing for Sonny and Brenda and Robin and Stone… Our next in line was Ned and Lois.. It was a trifecta of love on the show at the time, plus, Lucy and Doc, Edward and Lila, Bobbie and Tony, Luke and Laura and countless others who were paired up at the same time. We used to talk thru the whole show unless one of our faves were on… I remember one time Lucy went over to the Outback, Mac was behind the bar and Lucy ordered a “Diet cola brown.” HA! That totally struck us a funny and we’ve used the phrase a few times in the years.

UMD was such a disappointment. Such a let down, even though we knew from the magazines Maurice was leaving. Not only did Brenda break down but every single SnBer also broke down, too. Our hearts were broken and even now, very few of us can watch those scenes with a dry eye. We all weep because our hearts broke along with Brenda’s. We felt her pain and despair. The love of her life left her at the altar as a sacrifice of love and happiness and to protect the one person Sonny felt most connected to. We felt as though we were left, too. In a way we were. We were left with Brenda’s pieces being picked up by Jax.

Fast forward a few years later to 2002…. It was August (Seems like our girl likes to reappear in August..) and we saw hands, feet, legs and then the back of her head over the course of a week or two. We saw the commercials and since this was the time pre-spoilers on the internet.. Most of the hairs on the backs of our necks stood at attention, kinda like spidey-sense. We knew it and suddenly the EEEEEEEEEEEE’s were heard again! She was back! She ALWAYS COMES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had Amazing Grace and Vent Day and then the kisses on the island and on the docks. Then Brenda was dumped in an awful fashion at the altar by Jax and later he tried to pay her off to go away and never come back.

Our hopes were dashed that day in February of 2003 when Jason took her to the airport and she left for London, Paris or where ever. Our hearts broke again because Sonny chose Carly and let Brenda go. Then we learned of the backstage politics of why Vanessa left again. If TPTB would have worked with her, we would have had SnB then. It was written and outlined out but talks declined, stalled and finally Vanessa chose to leave.

Now it was just a small group of us on the board.. We were lonely and were missing all the other SnBers but some had gone into hiding, some stuck around, others started campaigning for different reasons, some went to college/or high school (lol), some were married and some were having babies. Life went on. Then we heard of that stupid recast rumor… All the SnBers came out of the woodwork and we campaigned together. We stopped that stupidity and then continued having faith our girl would come home.

I won’t tell the story about VM coming back, I’ve told it many times here… I will say our hard work and dreams came true this past summer. It took a long while for our Brenda to come back to Port Charles and lose that forlorn, lost, and sad look on her face. It took more than 4 months for things to turn around and then finally, with SnB scenes, we saw that flicker of our girl back. Then a miracle happened last week…. Our spunky, spitfire, feisty girl finally arrived home. We saw her in scenes with Robin, Sonny and Carly, along with Carol the wedding planner. It felt so good to see the Brenda we all fell in love with once again. She was sorely missed and is welcomed back with open arms!

Now, tomorrow kicks off the last 4 days before the wedding begins. We have much to love about the coming week, we will have SnB scenes, we will have Brenda, Robin, Kristina and Molly scenes. We will begin the EEEEEEEE’s on Monday and will continue with them for the foreseeable future. Sure, there will be some hiccups and bumps in the road but maybe, just maybe we will have a happy future or one that TPTB decide might be nice to work with and one that we would be thrilled with. Honestly, SnBers are not picky… As long as we have Sonny and Brenda married, in love and together, we are thrilled. They can both have vacations, time off and scenes with others. (haha, typical SnBer giving direction and permission) I’d love it even if they decided to have VM on a part time contract.. a few months on a few off. It could be worked with and I think a lot of the audience is tired of seeing Sonny being a man-whore. It’s time for the character to settle down, maybe not domestic or with another child, but with one woman… What could be better than a soulmate for him to settle down with who loves him, accepts him no matter what?

No one understands Sonny better than Brenda and vice-versa. They are a match made in heaven, at least dysfunctional soap heaven, and we are more than excited about the future. We don’t have our heads in the sand, we’ve heard various rumors but in our defense, none of these rumors have shown on screen as bad as they are in print– Thankfully!

So, on this last Sunday before Wedding Day, I am thankful for Sonny and Brenda coming together and having a chance again. I am thankful again for my boardmates, my friends and scoopsters who help me out from time to time— You all know who you are— and I am thankful to Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Benard for their AMAZING connection, love for each other and for being friends off set. It really shines through the screen how they feel about each other and how they genuinely enjoy each others company.

So, now, I will go and gather my parrot from upstairs and bring her down, I will feed my children and go thru my day, EEEEEEEEEEEing with my girls and will go to bed tonight with Sonny and Brenda on my mind… Hopefully I have wonderful SnB dreams…

Oh, before I skeedaddle, Maurice Benard is now officially on Twitter: @MauriceBenardMB His rep, Melissa Tweets for @MBtvNews and Vanessa has an official Twitter, too in which her rep Tweets for her: @VannessaMarcilG.  Follow them and give them some love!

TTFN! xo


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