4 Days

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the SnBers in the world!

Today is a wonderful day… It has been over a decade since we have had Sonny and Brenda celebrate Valentine’s Day together!!! EEEEEEEEEEE and…… THEY ARE GETTING MARRIEEEEEED on FRIDAY!




Ok, I’ve recovered and am just so excited for February 18!

We deserve this, we deserve the love, the excitement, the anticipation of a FABULOUS wedding full of twists, turns but always love, passion and smoldering looks between our babies.

I haven’t the time today to be wordy about our couple… I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have more time to gush and ponder about the love we call SnB. But for today, have some candy hearts, hope your sweetie sends you flowers and join me at 3pm on Twitter and Cece in the live post on the board!



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